Monday, April 27, 2009

Letters Are Love

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend? I spent mine writing letters, reading, sitting in the sun socializing with the boyfriends family, watching TV, and napping. Nothing like a relaxed weekend!

Charlie Motel Letter Set

I was a little behind on writing my penpals, but during my crazy catch up month (I think I could describe the last few weeks like that), I wrote everyone back, so now I can reply to letters as soon as they come in again. It's nice to write again, I missed it!

Charlie Motel Letter Set

Writing more also means using up my stationery, which gives me an excuse to go on a stationery shopping spree again some time soon ;) Not that I am close to running out (I probably have enough lettersets to last me the next couple of years), but I always feel like I have the right to buy some more once other sets run out. It's only fair, right?

The sets in these pictures is by Charlie Motel, I managed to purchase them from the Charlie Motel Etsy shop before it (sadly), closed its doors.

Charlie Motel Letter Set

Do you ever write letters? And if you do, do you use nice stationery? Which shops do you like most for buying it? Do you ever buy stationery on Etsy? As you know from my Stationery Saturday posts, I browse Etsy for stationery a lot, but I don't buy it there as often as I would like. A lot of times shops only have notepads, or lettersets with only a few sheets. I like writing long letters, so sets with only a few sheets are no good for me.

So here's my request to all you fantastic stationery sellers out there: Please add letterpads to your collection! I can assure you, there is a big market for them!


  1. I like the idea of sending real letters, and think I might send some postcards very soon!

  2. It has been years ago since I wrote my last real paper letter... Altough I'm a big fan of sending postcards.
    But I love cute stationary!!

  3. I do write letters! I love to! There's nothing quite like it!

  4. writing back to your fans is a very nice gesture! you should be rewarded...

  5. Yesss! You should switch to English, I would love to be able to read what you write! I missed talking to you too! Thanks vor visiting my blog :)

  6. I don't write letters as often as I should, partly because I have horrible handwriting and partly because I can't bring myself to mess up such nice stationary :p

  7. I love to write letters and have had penpals for over 22 years! That's actually why I started designing letter sets! :)

    I'm so sad that I didn't get to buy stationery from Charlie Motel before the shop closed...

    I no longer buy commercial stationery, I prefer handmade! But unfortunately, it's more expensive, which is understandable, of course! That's why most of us stationery designers don't do letter pads... It would cost much more than the commercial letter pads, so I'm not sure that a lot of buyers would actually consider buying them. Just out of curiosity, what would be a fair price according to you for a handmade letter pad? (And for how many sheets of paper?)

  8. Hi,

    Yes, I love writing letters, and receiving them of course, especially long letters. :D
    I use nice/cute stationery that I get from Janetstore. You should try this webshop, it is really great!
    Writing letters has been one of my main hobbies for more than 11 years now.

    How many penpals do you have?

    Take care

  9. I would totally write more letters if a penpal would send all the way to the UAE! Some of my closest friends in the US and I send 'snail mail' every so often but it's a rare occasion. I love making each envelope and letter special, but don't have many 'real' sets. There's an old sealing kit from my grandparents though, which I love to use - the old fashioned way with wax and everything!

  10. Hehe , i might should start to write at english so you can read my blog ;) hihi ..
    you understood the thing about the jeans leggins great , and yeaah they are soo great ! I LOVE them ! :)
    Your blog looks great ! I've missed talking to you !
    <3 Mia


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