Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Deformed Chicken Tradition (aka Happy Easter!)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Are you doing anything special today, or is Easter Sunday a day like every other for you? I love easter, the start of spring, a new beginning! I am not religious myself, but if you are, how do you celebrate Easter? Did you go to church this morning?

I found these cute chickies in our bag with Easter stuff. They are a little misshapen, but cute nontheless, right?

Happy Easter!

Talking about misshapen chickens, it seems like I have started a Deformed Chicken Easter tradition here at my blog. Last year at Easter I tried to make chicken shaped bread, but they ended up being chicken blobs instead of chicken.

I wish I had time to make or bake anything Easter related this year too, but I spent my time doing my taxes and administation instead, and I had some other things to catch up with (like making Tizzalicious buttons, hence my chickies sitting on the circles I just cut out for them), so no Easter baking or crafting for me this year!

It's my sisters' 25th birthday tomorrow though, so maybe it's not to late to bake something nice?


  1. jajajaja.. esta mono el pollito pero parece que tiene look punk! saludos!

  2. OMG! Do you have the Evil Chickies tooXD?! I thought that they were only Italian!!
    I have SIX of theseXD! I call them Evil Chikies or Murderous Stare, and they make me laugh uncontrollableXD They are very cute, but those stares...I have to stop looking at them, or I'll die of laughs soon.
    Anyway, Happy Easter:)!

  3. celebrate Easter by buying the cheap chocolate the next day :p

    those are very cute but evil looking lol


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