Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Reclaim2Fame

My cute craftster of the week this week is actually not just a craftster, but a craftster (Mickey) and her son (Will), together they run their Etsy shop Reclaim2Fame where they sell bags, teddy bears, and these fantastic snack server robots which I have fallen madly in love with.

Aren't they fantastic? They are on sale at the moment too, so grab one quickly before they are all gone! Visit Reclaim2Fame on Etsy.


  1. Oh my!! What a fantastic shop - I love Paris, she's so cute!

  2. Oh, wow -- what a cute shop! I love these robots! They each have such personality!

  3. so cute!! thanks for introducing us to these little guys :)

  4. I love all things robot. And snacks. Me must get.


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