Friday, March 20, 2009

Bullet & Revolver Necklaces at Tizzalicious

Bullet Proof Necklace (Pink) available at:, Etsy & DaWanda

These are for the cute bad girls amongst you: my new Bullet Proof Necklaces with a sparlkling bullet charm, a revolver and a heart to add cuteness. They come in pink, black and white, and are of course available at, Etsy & DaWanda.

Bullet Proof Necklace (Black) available at:, Etsy & DaWanda

Bullet Proof Necklace (White) available at:, Etsy & DaWanda


  1. Omg.... Ive been looking for these bullets in black and white everywhere!!! Do you happen to sell these in bulk!!?

  2. Hahahaha, I know, someone else said that too! :o

  3. I agree with milkberry xD I guess the bullet is a bit too long to work great by it self, love the necklace though!^^

  4. Hee Hee -- I like what Milkberry said. :)

    I love the necklace!. You manage to find the niftiest little charms and put them together so brilliantly! I dig it!

  5. Such a wonderful necklace.  A lovely pink colour necklace and pink heart is looking so nice. I like this wonderful necklace and blog. A little pistol is so cute looking beautiful.

  6. Nice collection i like this really thnxxx for sharing.....)) 

  7. OMG i'm so glad you added a revolver... coz if it's alone... I think it looks like a (>_<) you know what (>_<)


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