Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shopping in Amsterdam (And Spotting Tizzalicious Goodies!)

My update today is a little later in the day (make that night here in Europe) than usual, but I have a good excuse: I was shopping in Amsterdam with my sister all day! I had to visit my neurologist (more about that later), and of course we grabbed the having to be in Amsterdam thing as an excuse to go on a crazy shopping spree!

Tizzalicious at Open Shop Amsterdam

One of the shops we visited was Open Shop Amsterdam, where they have a selection of Tizzalicious Goodies! It was the first time I got to see my items in a store (I have delivered them on several occasions, but never went back after that), and it was very strange! Nice though! It was also nice to see that there was a lot less than what they ordered from me, which means it has been selling quite well! Yay for that!

Tizzalicious at Open Amsterdam

Like I mentioned, I also visited my neurologist today, about the migraines. I have been seeing him every 3 months for the past god knows how long (ever since I was 7!). We have decided that I will start the dreaded Topamax medicines before. They worked well in the past, but the side effects were nasty. I hope they won't be too bad this time. Plus I will get some other stuff to help me build down the meds I take when I do have a migraine. They cause headaches when you take them too often, which I have been doing the past month because it was migraine day every day. So hopefully that will help a bit too.

Another something I'm gonna have to do is stop drinking soy milk. Soy containes female hormones, which might be screwing my hormone balance, causing the headaches to get worse. Farewell morning hot chocolate, I will miss thee :( I guess it will be worth it if it helps though.

I don't have pictures of any of the nice things I bought yet, but hopefully I will be able to show those sometime soon. I bought some fantastic new things!


  1. Well congratulations that your items are selling so well there! It looks like a cute store.
    Best of luck with your migraine meds. I had my very first migraine recently and it was HELL so I can't imagine the torture of having them all the time! I'm so sorry for you!
    On a lighter note - I often drink hot chocolate made with hot water instead of milk and it's a tolerable substitute (I just add extra chocolate :)

  2. I didn't know soy milk had hormones in it. Would it be enough hormones to have any effect though. I would think that if it did it would be better known about and they would tell people that would drink it.

    hopefully the topamax doesn't have any horrible side effects this time

  3. Wheee! That's awesome!! Tizz I guess you must already know but I'm gonna ask anyway. Do you know about the band called Tinted Windows? Taylor Hanson is in it :P

  4. That's so great to see your stuff in what appears to be a really cute store!

    I hope the new meds help with the migraines. Maybe switch to skim milk? I drink skim milk with everything and it's great. Maybe that will be a nice alternative for you.

  5. Wat een vrolijke foto! Ik ben er nog steeds nooit geweest, dus nu ga ik toch echt eens een bezoekje plannen :)

    En vervelend zeg die migraine, maar hopelijk helpen je medicijnen dit keer zonder bijwerkingen.

  6. How exciting for you to see your products being sold... cant wait to see your new buys. Sarah x

  7. I hope that this time you'll be able to get over these migraines. And please, don't overwork - and overblog of course:)! Your healt is far more important than jewels

  8. that must be a funny feeling to see your products in the shops.

    btw. did you ever tried apm (acording to penzel - for your migrain?

  9. I hope you get your migraines knocked out without too many side effects, I can't imagine dealing with that all the time!

  10. How can anyone resist?! I love how they displayed the products and congratulations on good sales, you really deserve it! And sorry about the soy milk, it's quite a main drink over here. I hope you find a nice substitute!

  11. One of my girlfriends lives in Amsterdam. Last time I visited we went to all those cool boutiques in the side lanes which I love so much! Your post reminded me I really have to visit her again soon ☺
    cool to have your items displayed there in the shop!


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