Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot Boots & Fake Jeans

I did a lot of shopping the last few days. I mentioned my shopping trip to Amsterdam yesterday, but I also went shopping in Utrecht the day before! I didn't actually plan on going shopping that day, I only went to Utrecht to get a haircut. I was in there by 10.30 am though, and my hair dresser couldn't help me until 3.00 PM, so what's a girl supposed to do?

Both days were very succesful, I bought a bunch of fantastic new clothes! I didn't take pictures of anything I didn't wear yet, so here's what I did wear, today:

New Boots & Jeans

I am so in love with my new red boots! I'm all for red shoes. The skinny jeans are fantastic too, because they are fake. What? Yes, fake. They are actually leggings, made of super stretchy jeans fabric to make them look like jeans. They can have that nice super tight look, without making it impossible to move or breathe. The waistband is actually elastic! Ha, what an invention! I couldn't resist and bought a dark blue, light blue, jeans black and black black pair. I was tempted to get a grey pair too, but I decided against it. They had white too, but they made my legs look like sausages :( I bought mine at Pieces, but they are available at Vero Moda and Only as well. The boots are from Divino.

Other things I bought included: A gingham dress (I know! Another one!), some more boots (I am horrible!), some basic shirts and a very nice face mask from Lush. I got a free soap with that, and it's making my whole room smell delicious!

My hair cut is less succesful than the shopping trips. It's much shorter than what I like, and looks like a wig! Baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Luckily my hair grows fast, so hopefully it will look better soon.


  1. Wow:)! The leggings are fabulous, I wish they were sold here in Italy too. Nice boots - red is one of the few colours that look great for shoes:)

  2. the boots are lovely :D Really nice red. I love walking by Lush in the mall, the smell is wonderful

  3. Those boots are absolutely fantastic!

  4. I love those stretchy jeans-leggings too. One of the best inventions on earth! Lovin' the boots. I need to buy new ones myself! Haha. Btw I felt like it's been ages since you posted stuff you bought (and model it for the blog). So yeay! Loves it!!

  5. Those jeans leggings are amazing. I need me some of those!

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