Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thread Tin

Thread Tin Mosaic

When doing my accounting earlier today, I came to realise that I spend way too much money on supplies. Not entirely surprising, but still something that needs to change if I ever want to make a profit.

So I decided not to buy any supplies for a while. I still needed that red thread though, and I remembered this gorgeous tin I saw the other day. It has red thread in it. And black, white and blue are always useful. So how could I resist?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

S(cr)ew Ups

Iiiie, it clearly is one of those days. I spent all day sewing, and I almost all of it ended up in the trash. How annoying. I attempted to make a softie, 3 pairs of hair clips and 3 Blythe dresses, but the only thing that turned out was 1 of the Blythe dresses.

Things that went wrong:

- Fabric got stuck in my sewing machine.
- I screwed up the stitching on the softie right at the end and I can't get it right anymore
- Fray Check. I wish I knew applying it by squeezing the bottle is a bad idea. It went everywhere. Gross. And R.I.P. cute fabric.
- I ran out of red thread.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Now for a random picture:

Headache Hair Salon

I see this every time I'm in the city, but I never feel like getting off my bike to take a picture. Yesterday I walked by there though, so I finally got to snap one. Maybe I should go get my hair cut there some time.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fabric Shopping

I went into town today to buy fray check, and of course I came home with a whole lot more than that.

Tilda Fabric

First I got this pretty Tilda fabric. Oh how I love Tilda! The blue underneath is a little waxy, I got that to turn into a table cloth to use on the balcony. The weather has been so great, I can't wait to sit out there and enjoy the weather and the view.

Cheap Fabric!

When I went to the next fabric store I discovered they sell scraps of fabric for 15 cents each! So I picked up these scraps scraps that will be perfect for tiny Blythe clothes.

I also bought a new lamp! I love how retro and awesome it looks. I'd have bought a pink one, but the boyfriend is having a hard time dealing with all the pink, so I settled for light blue.

New Lamp

New Lamp

Hopefully I can do some crafting tomorrow! I am in the mood to sew some more. I think I'll make myself a skirt soon too. I saw some great fabric for that today (gingham, another obsession?), I think I'll go get that some time later this week.

Thanks for voting in my poll everyone who did! It seems like everyone has a different opinion! So keep voting please! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New This Week

I didn't add a lot of jewelry or accessories to the shop this week, but I do have a few things to show you.

New This Week
1. Sweet Skull, 2. From Marilyn With Love, 3. Girl Skull, 4. Blythe Dresses

You can find the necklaces at and Etsy. The Blythe dresses are only available on Etsy.

I still need advice about a second shop. Please vote in my poll! You can find it in the left side bar. Thanks everyone who answered so far!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Blog & Shop Advice Needed

I have decided to create a second blog for my Blythe rambles and pictures. I have been making a lot of Blythe dresses lately, and the weather has been great, which means I will be taking lots of Blythe pictures soon. I don't want to flood this blog with Blythe talk, because I would like to keep this blog interesting for everyone, including those who don't like Blythe. (Hello Boyfriend!)

So, those of you who do share my love for Blythe, or who just like to look at them, please stop by at Tinylicious!

Tinylicious: New Blythe Blog

I need some advice concerning Blythe items in my shop too. When I started my shop I didn't think about the fact that maybe it wouldn't be so great to have both my jewelry & accessoiries as my Blythe goodies in one shop.

Now it has come to the point where it is like that, and I'm not sure how much I like it. What do you think? Would it be better to start a new shop for my Blythe items? I'd call it Tinylicious by Tizzalicious, so I'd still have my name there.

I think what bothers me most about opening a second shop is having to market that one too, and the fact that if someone would want something Blythe and something jewelry, it would be hard to combine the order. I could of course state that I can combine shipping if someone would like to order from both shops. But how would I go about that? Tell them I will refund? Or tell them to wait paying and send them a paypal invoice?

Does anyone of you have 2 shops, and how do you deal with that?

I created a poll in the left side bar (right under the ads), please vote and tell me what you think is best!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: The Tiny Fig

This week's cute craftster is The Tiny Fig! There's a chance that all the Etsy people who read this know about her already, because who didn't fall in love with Connie and her cute bread buddy avatar on the forums?

Talking about her bread buddy, I still need to buy this necklace some time!

And these earrings!

I can't forget to feed my stationery addiction of course. Hmmm fruit stickers, because cute fruit is the best fruit!

There is so much more cuteness to find there, so you'll just have to go and see for yourself!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sew Messy At Casa Tizzalicious

Sew Messy

Yikes, this is what happens to Casa Tizzalicious when sewing Blythe dresses: Fabric everywhere, patterns scattered on the floot, and June wearing nothing but tights in the middle of it!

I spent almost all of yesterday sewing dresses, and made some really cute ones. I still need to attach the snaps though. Strange how I love making plushies, but I have a passionate hate for handsewing anything else.

Birdhouse Cuteness

I went shopping today and came across this super cute birdhouse! I love that it has another tiiiiiiny little birdhouse on it! Cute cute cute!

I didn't buy it though :( But I want it!

So what did I buy? Some yarn, boring groceries, and a very cute top at H&M. I actually bought the same one in pink the other day. It fits perfectly, so when I saw it in blue, I just had to get one too. If the shirt fits, buy one in every color. Right?

Here's a quick snap shot I took in the dressing room. Excuse the weird concentrated face!

Another New Top

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous too. Oh how I love it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mama Matryoshka

Well, here she finally is! The project I showed a little peek of the other day.

Mama Matryoshka

It's Mama Matryoshka! As you can see, Jennifer, she's not a frog ;) She took forever to make, but I am very pleased with how she turned out, and I'll definitely be making more!

I added another Blythe dress to the shop too, a cute apple one! And I'm currently working on some more.

By the way, Sandy, June is not a V Smash (but ooooh, how I want one!), she's a Cloud 9 Bowl :)

A-line Apple Dress

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cute As A Button (Blythe Dresses!)

I sure am in the mood for sewing these days! Today I finally I finished a couple of Blythe dresses I started working on ages ago. They turned out so cute! I am excited to finally be able to add some Blythe Clothing to the shop!

Cute As A Button

Cute As A Button

So far I have added only this one to the shop, but more will come tonight!

This is June, by the way! I don't think I introduced her yet! You met Mimi before, so it was about time June made an appearance!

So, who else is a Blythe addict? Do you have one? Want one? Have a couple? Or a whole lot? When I bought Mimi I was sure I'd only buy one. I bought June a month later. Oops? I managed to control myself after that though, so it's just two dollies for me. For now ;)

I finished yesterday's second project as well, I will write more about that later, once I added her to Etsy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bettie Bunny

I bought a loooot of fleece today, and here's what I did with it!

Bettie Bunny

This is Bettie Bunny! She is available here on and on Etsy too, of course!

It was about time I did something crafty again. I spent the last days working on making better, and I must say I was quite sick of all the thumbnail making and HTML coding. I finished everything last night though, so now the site is new and improved!

When I finished making Bettie, I started a new softie project, here's a peek:

Matryoshka in the making!

Hopefully I'll be able to finish her tonight and list her tomorrow! The softies section in my shop could use some company for Fuggerella!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Pesapoco

It's time for a new Cute Craftster Of The Week! This week I want you to meet Pesapoco from Spain! Her shop is filled with the cutest needle felted bears you will ever see!

A well deserved Cute Craftster Of The Week I'd say, don't you think?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Old picture!

I did some more shopping today. This time for something I really did need: New glasses! I took the picture above not long after I got my current glasses. I still like them, but my eyesight has gotten worse, so new ones were in order!

I chose black ones again, but they seem to have a slight dark purple/pink/red glow. It took a while before I found some I liked. I tried on a blue one that looked fantastic, but even though I'm all for blue these days, it was just a little too blue.

How is your eye sight?

Aside from shopping for glasses I spent the last 2 days working on the shop's website. I got something in my head to make the site better, but it's taking a LOT of time.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New This Week!

My Latest Creations

This is just a glimpse of all the new goodies I added to both and Etsy this week. There's even more coming soon. I have 2 more pair of apple earrings to list (I sure love the apple theme, have you noticed?) and I have some great hair bow ideas, so I'll be making those soon too!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shoe Shopping & Ipod Pimping

I did not just buy 2 pairs of new shoes. Or maybe I did. I needed them though. And even if I didn't, I still would, because a girl always needs new shoes.

New Boots

I got the lovelies in the picture for only €15, which is just amazing. And I got another pair that was more expensive, but they don't seem to be photogenic and look much better on me than on pictures.

I also went to HEMA, which is easily Holland's best shop. If you're ever in Holland, don't forget to go there, you'll regret it. Any decent sized city has one, and they are all equally fantastic. Ooooh Hema love.

I bought this Ipod skin there! Doesn't it look awesome?

My creation

This morning before I left I went through my bag drawer and rediscovered the bag below. I bought it in London 2 years ago, and it used to be the only bag I used for a loooong time after that. I can't believe I forgot I had it! Does this mean I have too many bags?


Tizzalicious on Indie Parade

I submitted my Bullet Through My Heart pendant to Indie Parade a few weeks ago, and look what I found this morning!

Bullet Through My Heart on Indie Parade!

And a few weeks ago my Green Apple Hair Clips were there too! Yay, I'm a happy bunny/Tizzie!

Green Apple Hair Clips on Indie Parade

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pretty In Blue

What's your favourite colour for clothing and accessories? Do you have one colour dominating your closet, or do you have a rainbow of colours in there?

I used to be very pink for a while. I'm sure the first thing that came to peoples mind was "pink". I even had pink hair for the longest time.

Lately I've been in love with blue. I was under the impression it didn't suit me though, thanks to trying on something blue for the first time when I just butchered my hair (I tried to cut my own bangs. Bad idea.). I looked like an idiot, so naturally nothing suited me, but I didn't realise it was the bad hair, not the colour.

New Outfit

Then I saw this top at H&M. I saw it every time I went shopping, and got depressed because "blue doesn't suit me!" every time I did. Until last week, when I decided to try it on and I realised blue does suit me!

Nautical goodies, here I come!

New Outfit

I spent all morning (and all of yesterday) taking new pictures for the shop. I took so many pictures my eyes boggled. It took forever, and to think of all the time I spent erasing the backgrounds of the old pictures earlier this year! I decided I didn't like the white pictures though. It looks great on some items, but on most it was just a real pain, if not impossible, to erase the background.

So I'm going for colour now. It sure gave my Etsy shop a cheerful look so far though, don't you think?

P.S. Excuse the wrinkles in my top. I don't like ironing ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fruity Flat Bread

Fruity Flatbread (by Tizzalicious)

Did I mention I like fruit? No, make that "love fruit". I love to just eat fruit, drink fruit, and put fruit in other types of food.

We had some left over flat bread from our humus dinner on Friday, so I decided to make some fruity flat bread last night. Weird? Yes. Yummie? That too. It was delicious!

In other news: April might be super slow saleswise so far, but I sure do not lack new hearts! I reached 500 last night!

500 Hearts! (by Tizzalicious)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Heart Your Craft & Art Awards

Come Join I Heart Your Craft & Art! (by Tizzalicious)

I just created a new group at Flickr called "I Heart Your Craft & Art".

There are tons of groups for crafts, art and handmade items on Etsy, but all photos just seem to get burried in the photostream of the group, without anyone ever seeing them. That's where I Heart Your Craft & Art is different! It's an award group, which means that whenever someone posts a picture, they have to give an award to 4 other pictures in the group.

I noticed how many views my photos in other award groups get, so I figured it was time for a crafty one! I hope everyone will join us at I Heart Your Craft & Art!

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Stockton & Co

As some of you might now, I have a slight stationery addiction. I collect mainly lettersets, but anything that's cute and made out of paper will catch my attention. So when I found Stockton & Co on Indie Parade, I knew this had to be this week's cute craftster!

So what do I have to show you? Maybe these adorable note cards?

And what about this cute bear & bunny note paper?

You can find these and a whole lot more cuteness in Stockton & Co's Etsy shop. And don't forget to check the Stockton & Co blog for news and ideas!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Creations

My Latest Creations (by Tizzalicious)
1. Two Hearts One Love Brooch, 2. Hearts & Clubs (Card Suit Earrings), 3. Mushroom Love (Red), 4. Lovely Lolita Earrings

Tadaaaaa! Here are some of my latest creations. I made lots more (all to be found on, but these are the only four on Etsy so far. I am trying to be patient and spread it all out a bit. I'm not good at patience!

Sales are slow this month so far. I did a lot better last month. I might not even make my 50 sales goal! I am getting lots and lots of hearts though, so maybe those will turn into sales eventually?

Thanks everyone for the get well soon wishes! And all the advice! Hopefully I'll be worth more tomorrow!


Banana Orange Juice (by Tizzalicious)

I'm still ill! In fact, it only got worse! It's a nice excuse to drink smoothies like this yummie banana orange one aaaaall day though! And eat fruit, lots and lots of fruit. I always eat a lot of fruit (it's all I snack on!), but the last few days I've truely acted like a fruitaholic.

I have also decided that next time I have a bad cold, I will invest in more expensive tissues. The cheap ones are just no good when you're constantly rubbing your nose. My nose is so red and shiny, Rudolph has nothing on me.

I created some new pieces too, no magnets this time! I'm back to good ol' necklaces and earrings. I will add them to the shop as soon as I finished editing the pictures. Here's a sneak peek!

New Pendants (by Tizzalicious)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Treasury: V is for Vespa

I haven't had any luck getting a real treasury lately, as it drops down to 222 whenever I'm asleep it seems. So I made this V is for Vespa Treasury West yesterday.

V is For Vespa Treasury (by Tizzalicioustream)

This treasury includes the following products & artists:

Motor Scooter Pendant by Madison Craft Studio
Blue Cycle by Ann Wilkinson'
Ciao Bella Mod Vespa Card by Pepperina Press
Vespa Target Pink Blue Linocut by Arctic Cobalt
Onesie Handpainted Scooter by Baganus
Scooter Recycled Glass Soap Dispenser by Bread And Badger
Lime Vespa Print by Annechovie
Emma and Siggie by Vol25
Pink Vespa Matchbook Cover Art by Colorfly Studio
Black Fleece Scarf With Scooter Applique by Polly Scoots
Vespa Vinyl Toilet Graphic by Vital
Vera Vespa by Keary Beary


I also found my Mushroom Love Pendant featured in this super cute "Sweet Shrooms" treasury this morning!

Cute Mushroom Treasury (by Tizzalicioustream)

That's it for today's treasury love! I hope I can get a real one again soon, because I have a whole bunch of great things in my favorites that are itching to be in a treasury!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cookie Magnets

I added even more magnets to the shop today. Do I have a magnet obsession? Nope, I don't. It was just that the craft store sold out of smaller packages of magnets, so I had to be 100 at ones. Hence all the magnets lately! These will be the last ones for a while though, I miss making jewelry!

Fot those of you who sell different items: What's your favourite thing to make, and why? Is this also the item that sells best?

I can't say I have a lot of news. The boyfriend had a cold for a while, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before it got to me. I did last night, so today is drink orange juice and relax day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Time

156/365 Ice Cream (by Tizzalicioustream)

It finally feels like spring here! This means my favourite ice cream place opened again. They have fat and suger free icecream! It's delicious too. Hmmm. I am one of those persons who is always cold, but I am also always in the mood for ice cream. Something is wrong with me.

I woke up to 2 sales this morning! I sold my Blythe pendant, which I'll definitely be making more of. And both my lots of destash! I guess it's true what they say: Supplies really do sell well! If I didn't like the feeling of someone buying something I created myself so much, I'd start a supply shop!

Green and Red Apple Magnets (by Tizzalicioustream)

I have some more new magnets too. The one strawberry ones I showed yesterday in red, and more apples! I love all my apple goodies, and apparently, so does everything else, because the green apple hair clips sell like hot cakes.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Internet Issues

Having your internet crash on you and being offline for 2 days is not good for your stress levels when you are trying to run an internet business!

On Sunday night our internet stopped working. We figured it'd be back the next day, but it wasn't. Then this morning, it still wasn't! Aaargh! Luckily my mom checked my e-mail for me yesterday, and today I managed to get online on one of the neighbours connections (thank god for people who don't secure their network?), so I could keep track of my sales. Not that I sold anything... I think this is the first time I was relieved that I didn't!

Our internet provider told us that our cable is probably broken, and that they would send a new one. That is probably on its way now...but our internet magically started working again already. So yay for that! I'm so glad it's back!

Strawberry Magnets (by Tizzalicious)

I have some shop updates too. I have been working on new magnets, and added these cuties on Sunday. I also decided I need to destash a little, so if you would like some yummie chocolate cake and oreo cookie charms, drop by in my Etsy shop!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Friendly Feature: An Island In The Moon

My friend Hannah from Scotland has a hard time getting her Etsy shop off the ground, so I figured she could use some exposure!

In her shop, An Island In The Moon, Hannah sells some amazing photographs, as well as items made from her photographs, and even some jewelry.

My favourite from her shop are these fantastic coasters:

Tea and books. What more do you need on a cozy winter/spring/summer/fall night?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Kiiss

This week's cute craftster is Kiiss! Her shop is so cute, and fantastic for various reasons:

1. She sells these adorable tiny pieces of 1 inch art:

2. She offers tutorials for these super cute donuts, and other yummie cuteness. You can choose between a full DIY kit, with supplies and a tutorial, or just a PDF tutorial. Fantastic for those of us who would like to try something new!

If you love all this, and would like to know more about Kiiss, don't forget out to check out her blog!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome To My Home

What's the craziest or weirdest thing in your apartment? These Russian dolls are definitely the most random thing in mine. My boyfriend bought them a few years ago. I love them because they are so stupid.

Commie Nesting Dolls (by Tizzalicious)

If you'd like to see more of my apartment, head over to Pulp Sushi, who wrote about the things in my apartment I love best!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

March Stats & April Goals

Did you reach your goals for March? And did you make any for April? I did both! I wanted to reach 24 sales on Etsy, but I reached 31 instead! Let's hope next month will be just as great!

Here are some random March Stats, and my April goals:

March stats:

Books I finished:

1. "Last Chance Saloon" - Marian Keyes
2. "Friends, Lovers, Chocolate" - Alexander Smith
3. "Seeing Me Naked" - Liza Palmer
4. "Eat, Pray, Love" - Elizabeth Gilbert
5. "Zusje Van Me" - Barbara Voors (Original Swedish title: "Syster Min")

Movies I watched:

1. "Batman Begins"
2. "Spiderman"
3. "Nynne"

Excitement of the month: My shop is doing great.
Annoyance of the month: My health is going crazy.
TV show of the month: Battlestar Galactica.
Overall mood of the month: Stressed and tired.
Dissapointment of the month: Not being able to meet Karin and Hannah because I wasn't feeling good.
Most crazy purchases: A laptop and an Ipod in one week.
Items sold on 16
Items sold on Etsy: 20
Total items sold this month: 36

Goals for April:

♥ Reach 50 sales on Etsy
♥ Get the whole tax thinng sorted out
♥ Take new and better pictures of all my items
♥ Sort out my income & expenses spreadsheet
♥ Transfer everything from the old to the new laptop
♥ Watch more movies than this month!
♥ Reply to all letters I need to reply to

Has anyone else read any good books? Or seen any good movies? I really didn't watch nearly enough of them in March. It's embarrassing really.