Monday, March 31, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Milkberry to write 10 things that make me happy! So here we go!

1. My boyfriend.

2. Traveling.
I wish I could do it more!

3. Shopping.
I know, this is baaaad! But I'm a true shopaholic, and retail therapy works.

4. Spring.
The sun makes me happy. I always feel so much better in summer and spring. Last summer wasn't really a summer, with all that bad weather, so now I really desperately need some sun and a nice summer!

5. Mail.
I have lots of penpals and I love receiving mail from them, and sending it too!

6. Blythe dolls.
Another addiction! I wanted to only buy one, but a month later I bought a second one. Whoops? Luckily I have managed to keep myself in control, and didn't buy any more.

7. Relaxi Sundays.
The boyfriend and I always have relaxi day on Sunday. This means walking around in your PJs all day, playing games, watching TV, and ordering food. Ah how I love it.

8. Making pretty things.
I love it when I created something that looks great.

9. My shop!
I am so proud of it. I love the layout, I love it when I make a sale, I love creating new products,...

10. Hanson.
They have been my favourite band forever, and I still get all happy when I hear their music and I get super excited when a new album or tour is coming up. I'm such a teenie sometimes!

I tag everyone who wants to share some happiness!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: A Reflection Of Principessa Twinz Studio

This week's cute craftster is A Reflection Of Principessa Twinz Studio by Yura! She only just started her shop last month, but it's already filled with the cutest things!

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves:

Cuuuuuuteness! I almost wish they weren't necklaces, so I clould use all these cute miniatures to take amazing Blythe pictures.

So go check out this awesome shop, and make use of that free shipping Yura offers!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy News Of The Day!

1. I bought an Ipod! It's not like I hadn't spent enough money this week, but I wanted one forever, so when the 80 GB ones were on sale I just had to get it! My boyfriend has a Nano, look how cute they are together! Mama and Baby Ipod! Aww!

Mama Ipod & Baby Ipod

Funny thing is, I was always anti-Ipod, thinking that everyone only wanted them because of their name. But once I used the boyfriends Nano, I was hooked.

2. Someone made a big order in my Etsy store! Remember Sad Bunny Boo Boo? She's sold! It's the first time someone buys one of my softies, so I'm pretty excited about that!

3. Another first sale: Sandy bought one of my mini collages earlier this week!

4. I'm getting used to the new laptop. I installed most programs I need, and a lot of files, so it's functional now. I also changed the colours (yay for pink!) and transfered all my bookmarks. Perfect. The only thing I hate about Vista that it's half German when it's on the Dutch settings. That's just stupid, and not well done.

Here's a picture of the new laptop by the way, as some of you wanted to see it! It's an Acer Aspire 4715Z.

My New Laptop!

5. I'm also getting used to GIMP. My old version of photoshop doesn't work on the new laptop, so GIMP it is!

6. Last but not least: I can knit! I didn't think it was ever going to happen, but when I tried again last night I suddenly could! I knitted a HUGE part without dropping any stitches. Eventually I did drop one though, and I don't know how to pick up a dropped stitch, so now I need to start working on that.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Project 365: My Year In Pictures

During the past year I participated in "Project 365". This means I took a picture every day for a whole year. It was leap year, so it turned into Project 366, but it's the same idea.''

Two days ago I finished the project, a whole year went by! I wanted to give up many times, because life was boring, I wasn't feeling good, I had no idea what to take a picture of,... But I continues without missing a single day! I didn't even cheat by taking a picture a day late or something.

I'm so happy I didn't give up now, because I love seeing all pictures together! If you want to see them too, they are in this photoset on my Flickr. A lot of the pictures are set on Friends & Family only, and most people I don't know very well are normal contacts, but if you are one of my regular readers, and you'd like to see my year, just comment with your Flickr URL, and I will add you or change your status to friend!

My very first picture was this one:

And now, a year later, I decided to end with the same pose and outfit!

I thought it'd be pretty neat to see how I changed. Except I don't like it, because I'm bloated all the time lately, so my nice flat stomach is no more. And my shirt looks weird. My heart looks better though! And my shoes are still as shiney as before too (can you tell I can't walk on heals and only wear them at sitting parties? They are my sitting shoes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hmm, what can I buy today?

A laptop maybe?

My laptop had been acting strange for a while, it kept shutting down and just weird in general. Yesterday it decided to die on me completely: It would shut down right after starting up. When I was lucky it lasted 30 minutes. Not good! So today I went out and bought myself a new laptop! I didn't really save up for one, so I had a small budget, but I managed to find a decently priced one.

Now I just have to go through the whole re-installing everything. Booooring. But at least I have a working (and pretty!) laptop again!

And Vista! I feel like an old woman saying I really have to get used to that. Whenever I'm used to something I hate change. When I first got XP I remember using the old layput forever, because the XP one annoyed me so much. I haven't looked if I can set this to XP settings, but I'm so tempted!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Etsy Experiment Update

A lot of you seemed to be interested in an update about my Etsy Experiment. For a few days I listed, relisted, or renewed about 5 items a day.

My conclusion: It didn't work.

I think it will work if you're in the right time zone, but unfortunately Central European Time is not that time zone. I can list all I want during "my" day, but as soon as it's afternoon in the US, and I go to bed, many many listings will cover mine, so it's all buried again anyway.

I don't know if anyone from Europe has tried before, and how it worked out for them, but promoting off-etsy and on the forums definitely works better for me.

I have made a few sales this week, all of them to new Etsians, which also leads me to believe that I should concentrate on off-Etsy promoting. I already did, because of my web shop, but I think it also benefits my Etsy shop more than listing several items a day.

Iiiiiiiiek at what my Etsy bill is going to be this month though! HELP! Ah well, at least I got to list all my pretty new earrings and pendants!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blob Chicken and Egg Men: Happy Easter!

Happy easter everyone!

I am not religious and we're not really celebrating easter, but I wanted a little Easter feeling anyway, so I baked these chickens and egg men this morning. We always used to make them with my mom when we were little :)

The egg men are so cute, it's almost a shame to eat them!

The chickens however...err...Well I guess they explain the reason why I never make anything with polymer clay. My sculpting skills are not really developed it seems.

Here's the one that turned out best:

Not really recognizable, I know. But compared to this blob it's a work of art:

Blob chicken! It tasted good though!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New This Week!

For the last 2 days I've steadily been adding all the new earrings and necklaces I made. So far I added everything to and a large part to Etsy. Not everything yet though, as I'm still working on my experiment.

I'm especially happy with these felt & charm pendants and earrings. I love love love them and want to keep them for myself!

That's not all though, there are many many more earrings, and some necklaces and pendants too.
What do you think? You can see more on and Etsy.

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Tiddlywinks

It's almost easter, so I went on a cute bunny quest for this week's Cute Craftster! I succeeded! Meet Lily and LouLou, both made by the talented Tiddlywinks! Her shop full of cute softies, mainly in pastel colours, is definitely worth checking out!


Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy Creating

I've been super busy preparing for my Etsy experiment yesterday. It looks like that creative block I had last night is gone, because I made an insane amount of earrings and necklaces. That lack of earrings in my shop problem will be solved soon too!

I started listing something every few hours. I can't say I see much difference yet though, but maybe it takes a few days? I really think it might just not work this way if you're not in the US, but I guess it's best to test it myself! If worst comes to worst I'll have a very filled shop!

This is why I prefer adding new things over renewing them though. I don't like paying a whole bunch of 20 cents for the same item!

Has anyone else been busy creating? What's the last thing you made?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Experiment

Everyone always says listing and relisting is the one key to success on Etsy. I have no idea if this will work for my shop, but I decided to give it a try. I'm going to list or relist something 3 times a day all week. Unfortunately I'm not in the right time zone to list when it's evening in the US, but I will never be, so I'll just have to live with that.

Are any of you fellow Etsians power listers? If so, how often do you list something new or relist, and how often do you sell something? Do find that it helped your store? Or do you simply list new items because you sell so much your shop will be empty otherwise? In other words: You you relist because you sell, or do you sell because you relist?

I started with one of my new cherrylicious bracelets last night, and another one this morning. I have a few more new items to list, which I'll do over the next 2 days. It takes some self control to not just list everything at once though! But at least I could do that on! So if you want to see all my new items, just go there!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Etsy & Earrings

I think someone just joined Etsy because of me! I made a sale to a zero feedback seller who joined today! Wooo! I feel all special! She bought my newest pair of earrings!

Speaking of earrings, I used to make them all the time when I was little. We did this thing with water balloons (empty, of course!) and they were so awesome. My shop has always been a little low on earrings though, I don't know why. Maybe because I never wear any myself? I wish I could, but they always screw up my ears. Maybe I need to use some cream again for a while, because I want to be able to buy all (well, all the nickel free ones) the cute earrings I see everywhere!

I am working on the lack of earrings in my shop though! I added those cute record & mix tape ones on Sunday, and I made a few new ones today as well. And bracelets, too! I need more of those as well. I'm feeling super inspired, so I have a feeling more will be coming soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New This Week!

I have a lot of 50's goodies, so now it's time for the 80's!

You can find these at and in my Etsy shop! (The skull necklace is only at!)

Tizzie's Tutorial #2: How To Stencil A Shirt

If you'd like a shirt you designed yourself, or with some text on it, but you can't afford having it screen printed, just stencil one yourself! I'll show you how to make one step by step.

What you need:

- A t-shirt
- Plain adhesive (sticker) paper
- Fabric paint
- A small Paint roller
- Scissors
- X-acto knife
- Printer
- Old news papers or ads

Let's get started!

Step 1. Wash your shirt! This is an important step, to allow the shirt to shrink before you apply shirt. If it's an old shirt you can skip this step.

Step 2. Find a stencil online, or create one yourself. If you'd like to turn a regular picture in photoshop, you can do this by going to: Image > Adjustments > Treshold, and play around with the levels a bit until you got it right.

Step 2

Step 3. Print the stencil on adhesive paper

Step 4. Carefully cut out your stencil with an x-acto knife.

Step 4

Step 5. Get out your shirt, peel off the backing of the adhesive tape, and stick it to your shirt. If your stencil has any "islands", bits in the middle of the stencil that don't need to get painted, stick those to the shirt too.

Step 5

Step 6. Stick some old papers around the shirt, overlapping the edges of the stencil, so you can't get paint anywhere on the shirt where you don't want it. Put some paper in between your shirt too, so you won't get paint on the back if it leaks through.

Step 6

Step 7. Apply paint to your roller, and carefully apply it to your shirt. Don't press too hard, if you do, the paint will leak under the edges. Make sure the paint is spreaded out evenly. When you finished, let the paint dry.

Step 7

Step 8. Apply another layer of paint and let dry again.

Step 8

Step 9. When the second layer is dry, peel the stencil off the shirt. Do this carefully!

Step 9

Step 10. Fixate the paint by ironing over it with a sheet of baking paper in between.

Step 10

Step 11. Take a stupid picture of yourself wearing your brand new shirt, to show how happy you are with the results.

Step 11

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cute Craftster of the week: Fluffington

This weeks cute craftster is Fluffington! I am so in love with this shop. This is the cutest of cute! Earrings, Rings, Pins, Bracelets, Hair Clips, Cuff Links,...Fluffington has it all, and it's all equally cute!

I had a hard time picking the pictures to show you, because all 360 (!!) items in her shop are fantastic, so you'll really have to go and have a look yourself!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Scissor Happy

I've had a busy day! I went to Utrecht to get my hair cut at this funky place! My bangs were so long I could barely see, so it was about time. I'm not happy how it looks, but I never am when I come home from the hair dresser. I think this time the cut is fine though, but the amount of wax in it isn't. Iiiieh, it's so greasy, I feel like I haven't washed my hair for weeks! Super gross.

The hair dresser was nice though, although I'm still depressed that the cute one who I wanted my cousin to hook up with left. Then again, he's a male hair dresser, so chances are she'd be too female for him anyway ;)

I love the way the salon looks too (pink and red!). They have a painting on the ceiling, so you have something to watch when your hair is being washed!

Okay, enough hair dresser talk! Crafts & Cuteness time!

When the hair was done I did some bead shopping. There are two fantastic bead shops in Utrecht (Beadies and Pink Pepper), so I bought some fantastic beads to make pendants and earrings. And I went to the craft store to buy random crap of course, but that's a given. I can't wait to create something with the new beads! Maybe I'll have something nice to show tomorrow.

What else have I been up to? I stencilled myself a logo shirt, and took pictures in the mean time to turn it into a tutorial. So keep your eyes on my blog for that!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mission Impossible: Learning How To Knit

I'm having a bit of a craftersblock today it seems. I tried a lot of things, but none of it turned out the way I wanted it to. I drew about 20 patterns for softies, but all of them looked crap. Then I attempted making one of them anyway, which of course turned out horrible. I came to the part where I sewed on the face, and then just gave up.

Then I suddenly got the bright idea to knit! Sounds like fun, right? Except you know, I can't knit. I don't know why I figured a day like today would be a good day to try and learn it again, but I asked my mom to give teaching me another try. It's a never ending process it seems, I just can't get the hang of it! The results so far: A way too tight tiny piece of...something, with a whole lot of holes, and inconsistent knitting and purling. It looks pretty decent in the picture though, doesn't it? I guess that just shows pictures can fool you!

Is there any kind of craft you tried and tried but just don't seem to be able to do? Or one you'd love to learn? And to you knitters: How long did it take you before you were any good at it? Did you learn when you were little, or did you start late like me?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How To Use MySpace As An Effective Marketing Tool

MySpace is a great marketing tool. When I first started using it and adding people, I made a few sales right away! It might not be for everyone, but for a lot of you it would be a great way to reach people your normally don't reach!

Here is some advice on how to use MySpace as as effective marketing tool:

How To Get Started

1. Have a nice looking profile
Make sure your profile looks nice and reflects your store. Work with the colours you use in your banner. If you don't know how to edit the layout of your profile, use a layout generator like MyGen.

2. Don't clutter your page
Avoid things like slide shows, flash, video's and music. They might look nice when they loaded, but most of the time they just slow your page down. You don't want people to leave before your page fully loaded, do you?

3. Make sure the URL to your shop is easy to find
This is important! It's annoying to have to search for a shop URL, and it might make people leave before they even got to your actual shop!

4. Add pictures of your products
Make sure you have pictures of a lot of your products on your site. A few on your profile, so people can see them right away, and the rest in the photo albums. Keep adding new ones too!

How To Connect

5. Make it easy for people to add you
Turn off the "Captcha" (the random anti-spam letters you have to type sometimes) so it's easy for people to add you.

Also make sure your profile is public, and definitely don't use the setting where people have to know your last name to add you!

6. Find your target group
For some shops it's easy to find their target group. My shop has lots of rockabilly, kawaii and Blythe, so I could just look for groups on these subjects, and Rockabilly bands. Or if you sell items mainly for teens, find a popular band. Sometimes it's not that easy to find your target group, but there are tons of groups on MySpace, so there must be one that covers your shop's products! If you really can't find any fitting group, you can always add Etsy folk! There are posts about MySpace on the forums frequently, and there are Etsy groups on MySpace too!

7. Start adding people
This is the most important part! Add people! Add lots and lots of people. I was a little hesistant about this at first, because I personally hate it when bands try to add me! But I tried anyway. Within a week I had 400 friends! If people don't want to be added, they will just not accept your friends request, so clearly people aren't as annoyed as I thought they'd be!

Make sure you add the people in your target group though! Go to the band or group you found earlier, and add their friends! And the friends of the people who you just added. And their friends. Be selective there too though: Do you sell jewelry for women? Don't add men! Do you sell baby items? Don't ad 15 year old girls! (We don't want to encourage teen pregnancy ;))

You will come across "captcha's" when adding people. Those are not capital sensitive. However, they "expire" when they have been open for a while, so you might want to refresh them by clicking on the arrows next to them to avoid having to type the letters over and over!

8. Post "Thanks for the add" comments
These are important too. Everyone who visits your new friend's profile will see your message! So make a nice image (preferably with some of your items) and post that as a comment. Turning it into a link is even better! You can also use your Etsy mini of course.

Don't make the image too large though, you don't want to stretch your new friend's page!

How To Stay Connected

9. Use your blog
Use your blog every now and then. I have to admit, I didn't do this myself up til now, but I found out people are subscribing to my (empty!) blog, so why not use it and get the word out to those people?

10. Send out bulletins!
This is an important one! Send out bulletins with new items, sales, etc. About once a week is great. Don't do it too often, people will think you are spamming them

11. Change your status regularly
You can change your status in your "home" area. Those people who changed it last are on top of the list in their friends' profiles. So changing it every now and then gives you exposure!

12. Add new pictures
Don't forget to add pictures of your new products when you have any!

Edit on April 6th, 2007:

MySpace now has a new tool:

When you are viewing someones friends list, hover over the pictures and a box will pup up that will give you some basic info (name, sex, location) about the person, and under that you will see 2 little boxes: 1 to message the person, and 1 to add the seller to your friends! You can see what it looks like on the picture on the right. When you click the add button, you will be taken straight to the page where you have to confirm the add.

If you don't have the 'add' icon, but a 'leave a comment' one instead, it means this person is already your friend.

This makes adding people SO much easier. In just a few hours I made a couple of hundred (!!!!) new friends! And I have seen great sales results too!

Happy adding!

I hope this will be useful for some of you! And don't forget to add me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Treasury: Blog Roll!

I made a treasury I think will be interesting for you! I included only items from some of my favourite bloggers.

Let me introduce: My Blogroll treasury!

With the following items and artists:

Pink and Black Rick Rack Flower Ring by The Vintage Zoo
Original Water Color Painting Where's Waldo Cupcakes by JessieOleson
Kissing Swallow Birds Necklace by Pulp Sushi
Hair. Fine Art Print by StoopidGerl
Libra Character Traits Black Note/Sketch Book by Decadent Diamond
Puppy Love Black & White by Sew And Sew Crafty
Scrumptious Strawberry And Cream Cake Earrings by Unique Charm
Tea For Two Print by The Black Apple (sold!)
Snaily Pin by Weird Bug Lady
Cotton Dish Cloths/Wash Clothes/Scrubbies by 6060
Mimi Pinkee Bunny Button Badge by Cute Designs
Vintage Girl Fairy Dressed For Bed by Vintage Snaps And Scraps


Monday, March 10, 2008

Jumping Jump Rings & Other Crafty Pet Peeves

Don't you hate it when you drop a jump ring on the floor while creating something, and aren't able to find it again? Or when you are sewing and the thread keeps getting stuck?

Those two must be my biggest pet peeves. Do you have any? Or something craft related you really hate to do?

Aside from jumping jump rings and thread eating sewing machines, I have a passionate hate for editing my pictures. And realizing something is too small or big when I finished it. And tidying the mess my crafts sometimes create. I want things to be tidy, but somehow I always managed to get the floor scattered with every craft supply possible. Especially making decos makes the floor invisible.

Do you always tidy your work space when you finished making whatever you were making? Or do you embrace the mess and just leave it like that?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New This Week!

I haven't actually been able to be very crafty this week. First there was all the Ikea excitement and all the work that came with it, and then I went shopping of course. All this turned out to be a little too much for my body, I hurt my back! I haven't been able to move for days!

I managed to finish three necklaces/pendants though. They are now available on both and in my Etsy shop.

Hopefully I'll be able to make a few more plushies this week, I really enjoy making those, and most of all, I enjoy the feeling of finishing one and looking at how cute it turned out!

Treasury:I Heart Robots!

I love Robots! I have robot sheets and a robot necklace, but I want moooore! Especially Data. Can I have my own personal Data?

My robot love inspired me to make this I Heart Robots treasury.

With the following items and artists:

Tiny Robot With Headphones Plushie by Shuusei
100010101 Is Binary For I Love You by AlwaysAmy
KP Pocket Robox - Key Chain by Kieutiepie
Blue Robot Plexiglass Pendant by Ditybirdd
Pirate Robot Magnet by Chicalookate
Thought Bubble Barrette I Heart Data by Melbell
Little Robots in Love Screen Printed Tote Bag by DogboneArt
Robot Love Pendant by Madison Craft Studio
Myrtle by Tofunutloaf
Robot Ring by Crystal Candy
Sad Robot by Little Brown Byrd
Doreen Box Art Robot Print by John W. Golden

I can't even pick a favourite! Can you?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome To My Studio!

Or maybe I should say my "desk in the corner of the living room", because that's exactly what it is. It's my own crafty space though, without any other mess, or ugly boy stuff. Allll mine and it shows!

348/365 My New Desk!

My magnet board is full of cuteness. It has the card and magnets I bought on Thursday, and the Barbie magnets I had lying around forever but couldn't use!

Magnet Board

Here's some space for outgoing packages, little drawers with stamps, things like that.

More Desk!

The fantastic view! When the weather is better it's absolutely amazing. Unfortunately that wasn't the case when I took these pictures.

My Desk & The View

Then I have boxes, lots and lots of boxes! (I told you I have an organizing fetish!) These hold my supplies and finished products.

More Boxes!

I have 6 of these Ikea drawers. They are a bit iffy though, because I have the feeling of unfinished wood! Iiiiie! I think the "creeped out by unfinished wood" loses to the "everything must be organized!" feeling, or else I wouldn't have as many of these!

Ikea Drawers

More boxes! I really love these little suitcases. They are adorable, and super useful!

Cute Boxes!

This is what's in one of the suitcases. Think I got enough tape?

Got Enough Tape?

My address book! Oh how I love it.

My Little Pink Book