Friday, December 26, 2008

Website Help Needed: Is This Clear?

I discovered a fantastic new shopping cart system the other day: Mal's Cart. It can calculate shipping rates based on location & weight, can handle different currencies, you can change the layout, and it's free! In other words: Exactly what I'm looking for, and a huge improvement from the paypal buttons I am using now.

I really want to use the multi-currency thing, so I have been playing around with the layout of my site a bit, and here's what I came up with:

Is This Clear?

Now this is where I need your help. Is this clear? What do you think you need to do to add something to your cart? What would you do first? And do you think it's confusing or is it something you wouldn't think twice about?

The boyfriend says it's not very clear, but 2 of my Twitter friends say it is, so I need more opinions. It would be great if you could help me out and answer before looking at what other people replied. Thanks so much!

Edit: I think I'd better make clear that the prices are just examples, the dollar price will not be cheaper than the euro price on the actual site (and this ring is actually a lot cheaper too!). I should have though that that might confuse people. Thanks everyone who answered so far!


  1. Hi Tizz- looks good to me... I would assume that I would click the button that says Eur:10 and that it would take me to a secure page to enter my credit card details.... hope I got that right!

  2. I like the idea that you can set up a site which has calculations built in!! I do like the fact you do multi currencies. We are so much a total global society these days that I find this encompasses all and invites strangers to join in!

    The shipping details... are these on the next page after clicking the Add to Cart amount?

    Look forward to seeing how this evolves! Good luck.

  3. It seems clear enough to me! ...but then again, there will always be people who won't get matter what you do. Thanks for the link to Mal's cart by the way...I might need that too ;)

  4. Hmm... If I was about to buy that ring, I would calculate the costs in USD and Euro before making my decision. Maybe 9 USD is cheaper than 10 Euro? And then I would chose the cheapest one. Maybe I don't get it?

  5. after reading your post, looking at your example, and seeing your edit, i think it's very clear :). lookin' snazzy, tizz! :D

  6. Looks pretty clear--and looks like a place I should check out myself. Good luck setting up your space!

  7. Together with my daugter, i've looked here with wide open mouth! Beautiful things to see, so sweet and colourful!
    Heike & Sam


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