Monday, December 15, 2008

Tool & Work Space Organizer From Aldi

My dad was nice enough to pass a nasty flu onto me, so I have spent the last few days sneezing, blowing my nose, and shivering. A girl's got to eat though, so yesterday I dragged my miserable self down to the shops to buy some necessities (Read: Fruit, juice and soup), and I am happy I did, because look what I found at Aldi!

Organizer from Aldi

A perrrrfect Tool & Work Space organizer! Being the organizing freak that I am, you can imagine how excited I got when I found it! I had been looking for something like this in a reasonable size and at a reasonable price for a while, so this is just perfect.

Organizer from Aldi!

I have everything I use a lot right in front of me now, which makes life so much easier. As I like to be organized, I have tons of boxes with all kinds of stuff, which means everything is nicely packed away, but it does take a up a lot of time when you need things from 10 different boxes!

My Desk: New Look!

So here's what my desk looks like now! (Okay, here's what it looked like after I tidied it yesterday. Of course it's covered with all kinds of crap again by now!) You can see my new Blythe doll too! You can see and read all about her in my Blythe blog, but in case you don't feel like going there, here's a little preview:

Hello, I am Nerys!

Her name is Nerys, which is Star Trek (Deep Space 9) inspired. That probably makes me a huge geek, and people are probably wondering what in the world is wrong with me, playing with dolls and watching Star Trek, but to each his (her) own, right? Anyone else have any weird hobbies?


  1. I love the organizer! What a dream. I would also like a robot that will keep it organized. I can create like a mad hatter and then walk away.....when I return, it will magically be all organized again....that's the type or organizer I need!

  2. just been reading the tutorial on crating in colour for the teeshirt - oddly enough I've just bought a book on different printing methods and one was very similar only using 'freezer paper' - apparently you buy it in grocery stores (book is america!) - have you heard of it? is it similar? was thinking of giving it a go. Where did you get the sticker paper from BTW?

  3. sorry - that last one was me, HalfanAcre but its come out as 'anonymous' for some reason - but 'tis me!

  4. Love your space! My things aren't that organized of course, just because most of the things I work with are pretty bulky.. :P
    I have about 10 crates stored under my bed, in the closet, and next to the desk full of bowls, records, and album jackets. Haha!

  5. We have an Aldi's here! I'm going to have to see if they have one there! Your desk looks so neat!

    Help a family very dear to my heart have a memorable Christmas. It only takes a stamp!

  6. It looks cool! I love Aldi, there is one right behind my flat and I often joke about building an aerial slide to it! (A canal seperates Aldi and the flat).

  7. Ooooh, I'd love to have my things organized like that! Lucky you. :)

    As for strange hobbies... Well, I keep aquarium fish. It may sound innocuous, until you realize how far its gone for me. ;) *goes off to boil peat to make her fishies some nice dark acidic peat water*

  8. Well, I still like to dress my American Girl Dolls when I go home to my parent's house. Also, I really like the TV show Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt - which I think makes me kind of a dork.
    But I think being weird is WAY better than being normal! :)


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