Monday, December 8, 2008

A Little Thank Your To My Mom

284/365 My Mom's Cooking

Yesterday I found myself having my very own personal assistant! My mom prepared a whole pile of envelopes for me with business cards, discount coupons and return address labels. Over the last few months she has also been my financial adviser and shrink in times of stress, plus she makes the most delicious meals! So I think she deserves a thank you: Thank you mom!

Things have been crazy the last few days. I am constantly running around making new stock (I am sure I am on a permanent E-6000 high), packing packages, doing administrative things and confirming DaWanda orders. It's crazy! I won't complain of course. It's nice to have the Holidays bring in money for a change!


  1. Yay mom! i know what you mean about the E6000 . It makes my brain hurt.

  2. Thank you Tizz' mom!!!

    I love that apron she's wearing. I had my own help from my mom over the weekend. Mom's are so great.

  3. How nice that your mom helps out. I wish mine could. Can I borrow yours?

  4. So sweet! Yay moms! Love the chicken timer ;)


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