Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Birdie In The Christmas Tree

With all the stress around Christmas concerning my shop and the big Christmas rush, I would almost forget that the actual holidays are still to come. I have had Christmas on the brain for over a month now, but the Christmas mood wasn't really there yet.

Tonight, however, while I'm sitting here sipping hot chocolate with the lights in the Christmas tree on, some candles lit, and Hanson's Christmas Album "Snowed In" playing, everything suddenly feels a lot more like Christmas!

Our Christmas Tree

Do you like our tree? It's full of colorful birdies and other random ornaments. The little bird with the earmuffs (or headphones?) is definitely one of my favorites. I also love this gold, pink & red one I bought at Hema last year though. Can't go wrong with Hema!

Hema Christmas Birdie

What puts you in Christmas mood? Do you like any Christmas music? I am a true Christmas fan, and I love everything about it. The decorations outside, the tackier the better, the music, everything. I have to say I am not a big fan of random R&B music with the words "santa" or "jingle bells" squeezed in somewhere in the lyrics to make it pass as a Christmas song. Christmas songs should be old and cozy, not new and sexy.


  1. That bird with earmuffs is gorgeous! I'm with you on the old and comfy Christmas songs too.

  2. Love your mirror ball baubles! I don't have a tree this year :( waaaa

    Hehehe it looks like a disco tree!


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