Monday, December 29, 2008

HTML On The Brain

Thanks everyone for the replies to my question about my new site layout. Everyone seemed to think it was very clear, so I have started creating the new pages. I have typed & edited so much HTML this weekend that I am surprised I didn't dream in code.

I am making great progress though. I have edited the 2 largest sections in the shop (earrings & necklaces), so the biggest part of the work is done. I hope I will be able to launch the new version of the site, with the new shopping cart, in a few days.

After that I will start working on the Dutch translation. I think it will help me generate more sales in the Netherlands. I only have a handfull of them now, and I am hoping that will change once I have the website translated to Dutch, and I will be accepting iDeal payments. IDeal is a Dutch payment gateway that connects shops directly to a couple of the largest banks in the Netherlands. It seems to be getting quite popular.

I can't wait for all this to be done though. My hands are itching to make some new things, and I have goodies to add to the shop too! I want the site done first though, I don't like being half done with something like this. I guess that's why I have been working on it so much non-stop since I started it!


  1. Well done!
    I wish I had the courage to remake my site too (which was destroyed along my hard drive last summer...and of course no back-up)

  2. finally found your blog :)
    we are friend buddies at myspace...happy holidays!

    by the way i love your cute blog, would you like to trade link?


  3. You, Tizzie, are an inspiration :)


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