Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Bambina

I have another Cute Craftster for you: Bambina! I love her cute Panty Pouches?

Small Mandi Panty Pouch With Cherries by Bambina

Small Mandi Pouch With Cupcakes by Bambina

Small ZoZo Pouch by Bambina

Small mandi Punched Leather Purse by Bambina

Visit Bambina on Etsy for more purses, wallets & pouches!


  1. I saw these recently and now I saw them again in your blog. They are CUTE indeed!! :-)

  2. Whoah! I love the undies! So original :)

  3. love those pantie pouches! absolutely adorable!

  4. It is very cute!!!!!
    Me encanta !!!!


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