Thursday, November 13, 2008

New in the shop: Blythe Holiday Cards

Blythe Holiday Cards

I can't believe I didn't show you my Blythe holiday cards yet! They are available on Etsy (both in my Tizzalicious & Tinylicious Etsy shops), DaWanda and of course

I wanted to make Blythe holiday cards with just one of my images, but it was a picture I took last year, and I didn't have the super high resolution picture anymore, so I couldn't use it to fill the entire card. I still really wanted to offer them in my shop though, so I decided to make a little collage with them.

They come in sets of 6, with 6 matching red envelopes. The back is plain white.

I got some made for myself too, those have a printed back with a discount code. I am sending them along with all orders I get the coming 2 months. Will you be sending along anything special with your Christmas orders?


  1. OH, they are so cute!!! Love how you are always coming up with new and wonderful things to delight us!
    ~Emily in Norway

  2. Your holiday cards are so cute! I love that your Blythe is the starring attraction in them!

  3. cute! :] I would love to get one of these cards in the mail.

  4. Those are really cute! I think that I am falling in love with Blythe dolls the more that I see them.


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