Monday, November 10, 2008

New Ad Space Available

My blog is getting more hits every day, so for both your & my benefit, I have added some new ad ad space.

All the old project wonderful spots are still there (125 x 125 px square ads right here on the left of this post for instance, and banner & button sized spots all the way at the bottom of the page), but I have added some more of them a little lower in the left side bar now too.

I have also created space to run 125 x 125 px square ads without the help of project wonderful, in the right side bar, right next to my latest post. The rates for these spots are currently:

$5 for a week
$15 for a month

That's a whole week free if you buy a whole month at once!

To find out more information on how to purchase one of these spots, or how project wonderful works, just click here to read all about it, or contact me by e-mail.


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  2. You have an adorable blog!

    BTW, you've been given a blog award. =)


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