Monday, November 24, 2008

Get Eurofied!

A great way to promote your shop, or to get to know new shops and have a little taste of their products is through a sampler box! There are quite a few of them out there, but I want to talk about one of them in particular today: Get Eurofied!

Why does Get Eurofied get my special attention? Because they are based in Europe, like me! All participants are from Europe, so if you would like to support indie designers from Europe, buying a Get Eurofied box would be a great option.

If you aren't from Europe, don't panic! We Europeans love show our goodies to the rest of the world too of course, so it doesn't matter where you live, the boxes will be shipped everywhere.

Some examples of the kind of samples you may find in the Get Eurofied boxes are: bath and body, candles, bookmarks, candy, stationery, toys, paper arts, fashion accessories, teas, food, gift certificates, magnets, pens, hair products, jewelry and more! The boxes are different each month.

The Get Eurofies Holiday Sample boxes are $15 and will go on sale on December 1st, and will contain at least 20 samples from different European sellers. You will be able to buy them at the Get Eurofied Etsy store.

For more information about the boxes, visit the Get Eurofied website.


  1. How do the boxes get filled - how does one get one's samples into the box? I'd better look at the links...

  2. Just letting you know that you were mentioned on Ohana Mama during the Buzz Around the Blogosphere!

  3. Hi ! We have an award waiting for you at our blog!
    Have a great day!

  4. Hiya,
    very interesting!!!!
    I left a "nomination" for you in my blog, if you wantyou can pass and have a look to know what's about.

    By the way! I added you to my old shop's links (handmade with amour) I changed namde recently to PETIT A PORTER. I have to link you again (Page still under construction) and give you the new banner.

    Keep touch!

  5. How cool! I will have to check out that shop!


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