Friday, November 14, 2008

Did you mean Pizzalicious?

Whenever I search for "Tizzalicious" on google, it asks me "Did you mean pizzalicious?". I didn't, but today I decided to click and see what I would get if I would have...Pizza cones!

I don't quite know what to think about it. My first thought was that the topping (filling?) is very burn your mouth prone. I'm not really a fan of lots of cheese on my pizza either, so I don't think it would be the pizza for me, but I still wanted to share this pizzaliciousness.

Are those common anywhere in the world? Have you ever seen one before?

I really feel like having some pizza now! Not one of these, but just a nice pineapple & sundried tomatoes one. What are your favorite pizza toppings? Anything I must try?

Alright, enough with the pizza talk! Let's switch back to the subject of google. Does it give you any weird siggestions when you search for your name or shop name?

Aside from the Pizzalicious suggestion, I get a lot of posts from forums I am or used to be active in, and when I search for my own name I find a list of people who were members of the Dutch Hanson Fanclub back in 1997! Nothing is a secret on the internet.


  1. Love the pizza cone - never seen one before! Not sure I'd want to eat pizza this way but it really looks cool - would make a unique necklace charm!

  2. I'm drooling!

    I love spicy toppings, pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic... not very good on a date though!


  3. I had a pizza cone in Bangkok and it was amazing! I totally recommend trying it. I've seen them in London too but they didn't look half as good.

  4. Actually I've seen them in Amsterdam, at Villa Arena (woonboulevard bij de Arena), but I don't think I'll ever buy one.

  5. I really LOVE pizza, but something about this image is making me sick lol!

  6. haha, that pizzacone is a new one for me! :p. i agree with you on the burney remark, too... not for me :p.

    when i search for 'maoiliosa', google asks, "did you mean maeliosa?" no! that's why i typed an o instead of an i! both are irish gaelic names. also, when i search for 'maoiliosa', i get lots of stuff about me, and lots of stuff about this irish dude who's in politics i think. maoiliosa was originally a boy's name, but has come to be accepted as the irish gaelic equivalent to "melissa" (my real name), as well.

    google searching sure is interesting, isn't it? ;p

  7. That is almost as good as when I search for glamasaurus and they ask if I am looking for llamasaurus. It never fails to make me giggle.

  8. hmm never seen one before, but I'm going to have to try to make one now lol

    I either find myself when googling my shop name or an alcoholic drink :p

  9. I've never seen them and I don't think I want to. I kinda felt that way about those dots ice cream too...until I tried it.

  10. I don't know why, but this picture of the pizza cone is making me laugh out loud and kind of gag at the same time. I have never seen anything like it!


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