Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DaWanda Wednesday: Piv Cat

Time for a brand new DaWanda find! Piv Cat from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has paper goodies, plush and more, and is almost too cute to be true!


  1. The matryoshka creations are very cute (as I know you think!). In the US I got a craft box that's convered with a red and white pattern and has matryoshkas on it.
    I love your new banner! The photos for it are the perfect bright and pretty colours.

  2. the tags and paper toys are so cool!

  3. One more time, Its so nice to be here! Thanks,

    Paulo Pivato e Marcela Catunda (PIVCAT)

  4. Hi! hope we can exchange links. Its htpp://
    Thanks..Looking forward.
    By the way you have so many beautiful handmade stuffs!


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