Friday, October 17, 2008

Join the Crafting in Color Etsy Team!

I'd been thinking about starting an Etsy street team for colorful shops for a while, and when Amy from AlwaysAmy and I talked about how depressing it was for us that half of the year Etsy is filled with earth tones, I decided to really set up a team.

I would like to invite all of you with bright & colorful Etsy shops to join our "Crafting in Color" team!

What is our team all about? Our goal is to make etsy a bright and colorful place, and to show the world that bright colors are not just for summer and spring!

Etsy is still working on setting up our official team profile, but we do have some other things set up: Our network, where we stay in contact using a forum, and from where the team leader (that would be me) can send messages to the entire group, to notify everytone about things that are going on in the group.

We also have a Flickr group, to show everyone your colorful creations and team treasuries!

We plan on making lots of team treasuries, have monthly challenges, etc. We are only just started out, but there seems to be a lot of interest in our team, so hopefully we will be big soon, so we can take over Etsy with all our color!

The only requirements to join are:

♥ You must have a bright & colorful Etsy team
♥ You have to join the network
♥ You need to be active in the team. This doesn't mean you have to do things for it every day, but it would be nice if we heard from you in the forums every now and then, if you made treasuries, things like that.

To join the network I will have to send you an invite, so if you have a bright & colorful shop, please contact me by Etsy convo here, or e-mail me at
and let me know that you would like to join, plus which e-mail address I can send an invite to.

Hopefully I'll see those of you with bright & colorful shops in our team soon!


  1. How fun! You always have the most creative ideas, Tizz! :)

  2. What a great idea! Your shop sure fits the bill!


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