Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cute Hedgehog Necklaces

It's definitely autumn here in Holland. The streets are covered in leaves, and it's getting colder. I wouldn't mind autumn so much if it was the nice and sunny gorgeous light kind of weather some places are lucky enough to have this time a year, but unfortunately Holland is the gloomy & rainy autumn kind of country. Actually, it's gloomy and rainy here almost all year around.

Black Heart & Hedgehog Necklace

Autumn does have it's good things too though...like all the cute mushroom & woodland items that you can find in the shops. I couldn't stay behind of course, so over the weekend I made these cute hedghog necklaces. Aren't they sweet? As always, you can find it on Tizzalicious.com, Etsy & DaWanda.

Turquoise Heart & Hedgehog Necklace

As you can see, I'm all for color in Autumn. No brown & beige for me!


  1. These are so sweet I love them x

  2. How sweet these hedgehogs are!!! Good job! =D I really like them =)
    Merylu PetiteFraise

  3. there just was a hedgehog in the front yard! I was like a kid looking at it (I didn't get close to it, didn't want to startle it). I had never seen one in the wild, just as people's pets.

    they are nice necklaces :)

  4. So cute! You find the best charms!

  5. Sweet hedgehogs! My sister is obsessed with them.

  6. Beautiful. I love necklaces because it makes me think about the sea and life within it.


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