Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anniversary Presents

As I mentioned before, last week the boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! We went downtown the next day to buy a birthday present for his brother, and when we were there, we decided to go into a fancy department store and buy presents for each other there. We set a budget, and a time limit, and split up. It was so much fun! It was hard, because we didn't have a huge budget, and the prices there were crazy, but I loved it, and we both succeeded in finding each other some great things. (Let's just ignore the fact that we both didn't manage to stick withing the budget ;;)

Mushroom Keychain

The boyfriend proved he knows me well (and pays attention to my blog!) and got me this super cute & sparkly mushroom key chain from Accessorize.

Ouch Bandaids

Then he proves how well he knows me some more, and gave me these bandaids. I am super clumsy, and end up with cuts everywhere all the time. Last week I had cuts & burns in 5 of my fingers, all from different incidents!

Bath & Body Goodies

He also got me these yummy bath & body goodies!

As for what I got him? A coffee grinder! I was lucky to find one on sale that almost made the budget. He made good use of it already, because some time ago he bought some fancy coffee, but forgot to ask to get it ground, so he had a bag of coffee beans just itching to be used!


    You guys are so cute together!!
    Here's to many more :D

  2. what great gifts, sounds like a fun way of choosing them too!
    : )

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your gifts are pretty awesome, you got yourself a good man! :)

  4. those are wonderful and useful gifts :D

  5. oh, congrats on the anniversary! that DOES sound like fun. :]

  6. Oh what cute presents!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!


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