Monday, September 29, 2008

Supplies & Wholesale


How was everyones weekend? I always try not to work on weekends, but I got another wholesale order, so I did some work on that. This time it's an order from Open Shop in Amsterdam, a shop I often visit when I am in Amsterdam, so I'm pretty excited about that!

On Friday I worked on some new necklaces. I haven't been able to add them to the shop yet, but you can see the cute deer charms I used for them in the picture above! And as you can tell from the huge roll of chain, I have not only started selling wholesale, but buying as well!

Charms Make Great Props!

Talking about supplies: I found a new use for them this weekend. The can function as props for Blythe pictures. I went a little picture happy and made a whole story involving guns, handcuffs and my 2 Blythe dolls. If you want to see & read the whole story, you can find it here in my Blythe blog.

Gangster Mini & Police Officer June: Picture 7

That's my news for today I think! I have a big to do list again, so I had better start working on that.


  1. that blythe is too cute! ;] good luck on your to do list!

  2. congratulations on your wholesale orders!
    : )

  3. So exciting to receive an order from Open Shop!

  4. I try not to work on weekends too but it's hard when things need to get done. I love your blythe dolls :)

  5. Oh I love getting new supplies! It's so inspiring and exciting!! Good luck with your list! I can't wait to see what you make with your new goods!

  6. HAHAH! Oh my! I just cracked up at the site of the Blythe doll handling a gun! I don't know why but it is the funniest image!

  7. i love these little charms <3


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