Monday, September 22, 2008

Skulls And Roses In The Halloween Gift Guide

Skulls And Roses Necklace

I listed this necklace on Etsy Saturday. By Sunday it suddenly had over 80 views and 8 new hearts, which is not something my items usually get within a day, so I did a little search. And sure enough there it was, in the Halloween Gift Guide, right at the first page!

Halloween Gift Guide

This morning when I woke up it had sold! Never underestimate the power of the gift guides?

I relisted the necklace by the way, so it is still available at, Etsy and DaWanda.


  1. It's a funny, unique necklace!

  2. OMG - I have these in silver - won't be necklaces though :o)

  3. Wow..! Its really very funny and unique Halloween necklace.

  4. congrats! that is a really cute necklace! by the way i stumbled upon your blog following the comment you left on my blog about my little hobocat. :o) oh, and thanks for featuring my etsy shop too!


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