Thursday, September 25, 2008

Packaging & Ebay

Bag Toppers

I made myself some new bag toppers some time ago. I am really happy with how they turned out. It was a bit of work to figure out the right margins I needed to get the picture as close to the edge of the paper as possible, but I managed. Don't you just love my pink staples? From HEMA of course!

Something else completely: Has anyone ever tried selling any of their handmade work on Ebay? I listed a few things there yesterday, nothing handmade, but these dice panties I have for sale on (new of course, but not made by me) and a few Hanson singles. I wonder how it will go. I have been thinking about listing some of my handmade work too, but I am a bit hesistant because of all the crazy fees.

And more Ebay craziness: When I was listing some CDs it told me that starting in October the shipping fees for that category can't excees $3.00. That's nice and all, because getting ripped off on shipping costs sucks a whole lot, but if you aren't from the US, it does cost more than that to ship a CD there. Hate!

Oh, and something nice! My DaWanda shop was featured on Real Simple yesterday!


  1. The packaging looks great! =^.^=

    I sold on Ebay many a moon ago, when I was REALLY into kawaii Japanese pop culture. Their fees are a bit brutal, and I've heard they're doing bizarr-o things with the shipping for sellers... but I only buy there now.

    I think it's totally worth a shot, and pretty cool that you're getting yourself out there on so many sites.

    I noticed you were missing from my blogroll... I reinstalled you! =^.^=

  2. Love the new packaging! And those pink staples, oh. You know i was thinking about those just the other day? I used to have them too when i was still in Amsterdam. Wished i could get those over here too. Why isn't there a Hema in NYC???!

    And a big congrats on the feature on Real Simple!

  3. I like the new packaging! hope the ebay stuff goes well!


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