Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New: Skulls, Knuckle Busters, Cookies, Mushrooms & Anchors!


I added lots of new necklaces to the shop this week: Knuckle Busters, Skulls, Mushrooms, Cookies, and more nautical goodies. You can of course find everything at Tizzalicious.com, Etsy and DaWanda, like usual.

I'm feeling a bit pooped out at today, but I have a lot of work for my first big wholesale order to do. So I think I will compromise between being lazy & working hard, and spend the afternoon watching a movie while sewing hair clips.


  1. what a fun combination of items! Hope you enjoyed your aftenoon of movie watching and sewing
    : )

  2. The cookies are my fav!
    Oh i'm sorry i mentioned skulls are not cute in my latest blogpost. Your skull are obivously very cute, the ones i was talking about weren't. ;)


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