Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New at Tizzalicious: Dangle Deer Necklaces

Dangle Deer Necklaces

Remember the cute deer charms in the background of the picture in my previous post? I said they would be in the shop soon, and here they are! As usual, they are available at Tizzalicious.com, Etsy and DaWanda.

And also...

Bicycle Heart Earrings on Indie Parade

A big thank you to Indie Parade for featuring the Bicycle Heart Earrings that I submitted earlier this week!


  1. they are soooo cute! I think everyone should wear them, since deer season is starting soon here in the USA... It might help save a few lives! ( gee, I hope that didn't sound too horrible... )

  2. Hi! You’re invited to list your shop with us at Ferni & Friends’ blogshop directory, an ever-growing fashion mag-cum-blogshop directory. Catch you later!

  3. I love your new deer charms!! They are so cute, and remind me of Blythe.

  4. these are so sweet! i definitely agree with cait that they remind me of blythe.

  5. oh, congrats on being featured, and those deers are too cute for words!


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