Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New at Tizzalicious: Dangle Deer Necklaces

Dangle Deer Necklaces

Remember the cute deer charms in the background of the picture in my previous post? I said they would be in the shop soon, and here they are! As usual, they are available at Tizzalicious.com, Etsy and DaWanda.

And also...

Bicycle Heart Earrings on Indie Parade

A big thank you to Indie Parade for featuring the Bicycle Heart Earrings that I submitted earlier this week!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Supplies & Wholesale


How was everyones weekend? I always try not to work on weekends, but I got another wholesale order, so I did some work on that. This time it's an order from Open Shop in Amsterdam, a shop I often visit when I am in Amsterdam, so I'm pretty excited about that!

On Friday I worked on some new necklaces. I haven't been able to add them to the shop yet, but you can see the cute deer charms I used for them in the picture above! And as you can tell from the huge roll of chain, I have not only started selling wholesale, but buying as well!

Charms Make Great Props!

Talking about supplies: I found a new use for them this weekend. The can function as props for Blythe pictures. I went a little picture happy and made a whole story involving guns, handcuffs and my 2 Blythe dolls. If you want to see & read the whole story, you can find it here in my Blythe blog.

Gangster Mini & Police Officer June: Picture 7

That's my news for today I think! I have a big to do list again, so I had better start working on that.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: J Davis Studio

The shop I picked for this week's Cute Craftster feature is slightly different from my usual Cute Craftsters, J Davis Studio's little houses are oh so cute!

Find more cute house by J Davis Studio on Etsy!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stationery Saturday: Nut & Bee

Nut & Bee is a shop full of paper cuteness. One of her notepads has been in my favorites on Etsy forever, so it's about time for a Nut & Bee feature!

Find more Nut & Bee cuteness in the Nut & Bee Etsy Shop!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy Day Ahead

Do you ever feel like your to do list is longer than your day? I always try to keep my weekend's free of things to do, so Fridays usually consist of doing evreything I didn't manage to do during the week.

Today will be a busy Friday for me. I have a lot to do, both housework and work on the shop.

The money for my first wholesale order has arrived (my bank account looks a lot happier now!), so I am working hard on getting it all done. I am still waiting for some of the supplies though. I ordered some buttons I needed, but it turns out I bought a smaller size by accident. Lesson learned: Read before you buy! I ordered them again yesterday, hopefully it is the right size now! Have you ever made a big mistake like that?

Luckily the order isn't due until November 15th, so I don't have to worry about having to wait a little longer for the right supplies. I have to say, it's nice that my first wholesale order didn't have to happen in a hurry!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Packaging & Ebay

Bag Toppers

I made myself some new bag toppers some time ago. I am really happy with how they turned out. It was a bit of work to figure out the right margins I needed to get the picture as close to the edge of the paper as possible, but I managed. Don't you just love my pink staples? From HEMA of course!

Something else completely: Has anyone ever tried selling any of their handmade work on Ebay? I listed a few things there yesterday, nothing handmade, but these dice panties I have for sale on Tizzalicious.com (new of course, but not made by me) and a few Hanson singles. I wonder how it will go. I have been thinking about listing some of my handmade work too, but I am a bit hesistant because of all the crazy fees.

And more Ebay craziness: When I was listing some CDs it told me that starting in October the shipping fees for that category can't excees $3.00. That's nice and all, because getting ripped off on shipping costs sucks a whole lot, but if you aren't from the US, it does cost more than that to ship a CD there. Hate!

Oh, and something nice! My DaWanda shop was featured on Real Simple yesterday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DaWanda Wednesday: Nikoart

This week's DaWanda pick is Nikoart, who makes adorable rubber stamps!

Find Nikoart on DaWanda, Etsy, or visit her blog!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New: Skulls, Knuckle Busters, Cookies, Mushrooms & Anchors!


I added lots of new necklaces to the shop this week: Knuckle Busters, Skulls, Mushrooms, Cookies, and more nautical goodies. You can of course find everything at Tizzalicious.com, Etsy and DaWanda, like usual.

I'm feeling a bit pooped out at today, but I have a lot of work for my first big wholesale order to do. So I think I will compromise between being lazy & working hard, and spend the afternoon watching a movie while sewing hair clips.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Skulls And Roses In The Halloween Gift Guide

Skulls And Roses Necklace

I listed this necklace on Etsy Saturday. By Sunday it suddenly had over 80 views and 8 new hearts, which is not something my items usually get within a day, so I did a little search. And sure enough there it was, in the Halloween Gift Guide, right at the first page!

Halloween Gift Guide

This morning when I woke up it had sold! Never underestimate the power of the gift guides?

I relisted the necklace by the way, so it is still available at Tizzalicious.com, Etsy and DaWanda.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stationery Saturday: Edesse Designs

I can't believe I didn't discover this fantastic shop earlier: Edesse Designs! A shop full of note books, journals, stickers and even erasers!

Visit Edesse Designs for me stationery sweetness! You can also enter a giveaway for the doughnut journal at her blog!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fabric Covered Buttons

Fabric Covered Buttons

I have a new toy and I love it! I got the tools to make fabric covered buttons the other day. I played around with them a little, and made some very cute buttons! I guess I can thank my Blythe doll obsession for all the cute fabric with small patterns I have.

Fabric Covered Buttons

I made three sizes, and I will be turning them into rings, earrings and bobby pins soon. I have some other ideas, but I need to think about those a bit more first.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Peek In My Drawers


Every now and then I get to urge to reorganize my work space and supplies. A trip to Ikea yesterday put me in that organizing mood, so I gave my work space a complete overhaul this morning.


All my supplies are easier to reach now, so when I sell something I can easily check if I can remake the item. It was a big mess before. Everything was seperated by ziplock bags, but they were all in a huge box together, and I had to take everything out if I needed something at the bottom of the box. Now everything is in the drawers next to my desk, so I won't even have to get up to get them. (Does that sound very lazy?)

A Peek In My Drawers

My shipping supplies are organized too, which hopefully will result in a little more efficient way of packing my packages. It took me way too long to get everything from all of the place, so now everything is together, but separated in different drawers, so I can just open them all and get what I need from each of them. No more digging in a big box!

In fact, I have 4 packages to pack today, so I will be able to test the new system right away!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DaWanda Wednesday: LeatherPrince

I fell in love with these right after I joined DaWanda a few months ago: The cute wallets & key chains from LeatherPrince, from the hands of Candy & Beon from Singapore.

Visit LeatherPrince at DaWanda for more cute leather goodies!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tizzalicious at Lady Luck!

I was so nervous about going to see Mayke, owner of Lady Luck yesterday! But everything went great! Her shop in Weert (The Netherlands) isn't completely done yet, but it already looked fantastic, and it was so great to see my items on display. She has this fantastic old cabinet with glass doors, which we coverered almost completely in my goodies, along with some of my flyers and business cards.

Lady Luck will open on October 1st, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, drop by at Kromstraat 28 A in Weert! You will be able to get rockabilly jewelry, accessories, clothing, and it's also the place to be if you want a (new) piercing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready For Consignment

Ready For Consignment

Later today I will be meeting with a friend's friend who is opening a little shop soon. She wants to sell some of my creations! My very first consignment! I am extremely nervous, but also very excited.

I spent the weekend getting the things I want to bring ready: Putting tags on the necklaces, pinning the earrings on cards, pricing everything... It took a while, but I am very happy with the results. It all looks so great all packed up and ready to display!

Last night I also got my first wholesale order! It's a huge one, which meant ordering some new supplies from various places. Combined with all the new things I bought to get ready for the holidays resulted in crazy expenses this month, but I guess that's something you have to deal with if you want to be able to sell wholesale.

Wish me good luck today!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cute Craftster If The Week: Dillon Designs

I discovered this fantastic shop just the other day, and fell in love with the gorgeous (and cute!) rings: Dillon Designs.

You can find more than just rings at Dillon Designs though, like these cute bunny earrings:

Or this necklace:

For more, visit Dillon Designs at Etsy!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

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