Monday, August 18, 2008

Movie Recommendations?

The boyfriend and I just signed up for an online movie rental place (like Netflix in the US). I am super excited about it, as I love watching movies, but we have grown bored of the ones we own, and don't have enough money to keep buying more.

Now I need your help choosing which movies to get! Please recommend any of your favourite movies, in any genre! If you would like to know what kind of movies we usually watch, just look at some of my previous Monthly Stats entries.


  1. My recommendations:
    -Tim Burton's Big Fish
    -Stranger Than Fiction
    -Ed Wood
    -Be Kind Rewind
    -Nacho Libre
    -Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
    -In Bruges
    -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    -Lars and The Real Girl
    -The Notebook

    And if you have Japanese or Asian movies:
    -Adrift in Tokyo

    Well that's all I could think off as of now. Sorry about that (^_^)

  2. Ohh, we are Netflixin maniacs at our house.
    Lately we've been watching some of the Unsolved Mysteries discs, and I have Mystery, Alaska out now too. Meet the Spartans should be here soon, although it does look really, REALLY dumb. I'd list the rest but there are 57 of them and 9 on my saved list. It's a sickness, I know.

  3. Ok, a few that I love...
    I just watched Beaches (its from the 80s with Bette Midler - totally sappy, but fun)
    I just watched Penelope - another cute - girly movie.
    As far as TV shows on DVD - I love Weeds from Showtime, Big Love from HBO, and Dexter from Showtime. All very good!
    If you want a serious movie I recently watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. That was good, and also sad.
    Other silly girly movies - Knocked Up, 27 Dress, P.S. I Love You.
    So I guess that's a start! Have fun Tizz!!!
    It's so hard to choose - there are so many good ones. If you want a super duper high-tech good for guys movie - Transformers was a lot of fun.


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