Monday, July 14, 2008

Lowered Prices!

I decided to lower the prices on all of my felt heart necklaces on, Etsy and DaWanda! They have been marked down $4 from $17.50 and $18.50 to only $13.50 and $14.50!

Talking about DaWanda, I have been adding more items there, so my shop there is starting to look a little stocked. I also got a message from Lani that I was on the front page again!

DaWanda Front Page Again!

Thanks for letting me know Lani! As you can see, I managed to catch a screenshot myself, but thank you for taking one too!


  1. I love how you lay out your ads. Grats on making the DaWanda front page too! You're awesome and deserve it. =D

  2. Pink and red overload... I love it!

  3. your welcome for letting you know about being on the front page of Dawanda! Your shop is really wonderful, I am not surprised that it has made it to the front several times! I really need to get more goodies listed on Dawanda...who know I may make it to the front page someday!

  4. Good for you..your doing good at Dawanda..
    Everything looks really pretty..

  5. I struggle with pricing all the time so I understand! Congrats on your Dawanda success!

  6. A little late.. but congrats on the feature!


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