Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Both SuperKawaiiMama and MyPaperCrane have tagged me to post 6 things that make me happy or that I love. So here I go!

1. Lazy Sundays
The Boyfriend and I turned boring Sunday into Lazy Sunday, which is basically doing nothing, having take-out for dinner, and wathing TV in our PJs all day.

2. Random Cuteness
I love finding random cute things. Cute graffiti, cute packaging, anything! Can you imagine the suprised look on my face when I opened a package of pads and found these inside? They almost make my periods fun!

111/365 Happy Period!

3. Shopping
I'm a real shopaholic. When I feel bad, a little shopping always cheers me up.

4. Solvej
Solvej is one of the mascottes of the Danish Railways. The boyfriend once gave me one as a suprise present, and I instantly fell in love.

250/365 Camera Settings

5. The boyfriend himself!
We can't forget about him of course.

6. Summer & Summer
Summer is my happy month. Winter is bad, cold and wet, so every year in spring I am happy to see the sun again, and to be able to go out without freezing my ass off.

6/365 Picnic At Kastellet

I'm tagging everyone who wants to spread a little happiness!


  1. Pads as in Maxi? Or notepads? Super cute either way, but if they're maxi pads, well that makes for a cheerier time of the month!

    Love your list!


  2. Katie, Maxi yes :) I edited a little to make that more clear!

  3. Hooray, for lazy Sundays!!!!!

  4. Holy Hell, those are wicked pads! Those are awesome! Japanese ones are so boring... Yeay for boyfriends/loved ones/husbands! And yeay for SUN! I love summer too. I might be sweating bullets, but I love it nonetheless. Better summer than winter right?

  5. I like sun too, if there is a week of rain, I will have no mood to do anything!

  6. Haha! Love those super cute pads! I agree with you about winter being bad. I hate the cold. It totally makes miserable. I don't care how hot it gets I'll still always prefer summer. Spring is the season that makes me most happy :D

  7. Oh why can't we have hygiene products like that here. How fabulous. I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday today too, and they are just so indulgent.


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