Monday, July 21, 2008

Gift Certificates & New Look

I gave a bit of a new look this weekend. I added a search tool, and changed the layout a little.

After a request from a customer with a birthday coming up, I also added gift certificates! I love that Paypal has that feature. Does anyone else use them? And does anyone know if they will work on Etsy purchases that check out with Paypal as well?

I added some new goodies to the shop as well, like these adorable cupcake earrings!

Dangling Cupcake Earrings
Cupcake Dangle Earrings Available at: :: Etsy :: DaWanda


  1. I love the new look - very cute :)

  2. Great new changes!! I love how you are always making your shop/blog more cosy! I hope you have a great monday, and that you have been enjoying your week! :)

  3. super super cute cupcake! Love your blog and site - -they're really well put together.


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