Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DaWanda Wednesday : Revoluzzza

I can't believe I talked about DaWanda in my previous post, but forgot about the fact that today is Wednesday, DaWanda Wednesday that is! So it's time to show you another one of my favourite DaWanda shops.

Today I have chosen Revoluzzza, who's blog and and shop I've admired for a while. I think her work sells out quite fast, so I decided to show you some pictures of her work, rather than items that are available in the Revoluzzza shop right now.

Find some of these cuties here on DaWanda or visit Revoluzzza at Flickr!


  1. what a great find, these are gorgeous! And well done on your dawanda success too!
    : )

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  3. Hey Tizzie! I tagged you! Twice. LOL. :P


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