Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DaWanda Trends: Most Popular Member

The weather is gorgeous here. The sky is blue and it's really warm. I am sitting here enjoying some delicious cherries, and I'm having a hard time getting some work done. I'd prefer to just laze around outside! I think it's time to move the laptop outside with me.

79/365 Cherries

In other news: Squeeeee! I found myself in the number 1 spot of the "Most Popular Member" list on DaWanda last night!

DaWanda Trends

I'm so glad I decided to start a shop there. My first 2 weeks there have been a lot more successful than my first 2 weeks on Etsy.


  1. ooo that's fantastic Tizz!! I just started setting up my shop there a few days ago but I've been slow at listing! I'm hoping that converting prices and measurements will be second nature in the near future!

  2. Do you think your success on DaWanda is because you post in two different languages? I wish I was able to do that.


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