Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Treasury: Mama Matryoshka

I can't believe I never did a Matryoshka Treasury before! I did today, and it was about time!

Matryoshka Treasury

Including the following items & artists:

Large Hanging Babushka Ornament by Skyerocket
Pendant by Imogen
Scandinavian Babushka Art Doll by Ravenhill
Fambee Poppet - Cell Phone/MP3 Pouch by Fambee
Martryoshka Cupcake Toppers by The Peach
Matryoshka Doll Coasters by The Sea Within
Matryoshka Card Set by Bannerbabe
Russian Doll Magnet Set by Goddess of Green
Matryoshka Handbag by Polyanna Cowgirl
The Russian Dolls ACEO by The Ink House
Three Mini Matryoshka Dolls Pins by Do Little Design
Matryoshka Pocket by SnappyShop

Find this treasury here! And enjoy!


  1. All very adorable things! I love that the predominant colour is pink, though I'm guessing you arranged it that way!
    Congrats on being on the first page =)

  2. Love love love it!! So darling and I think those colors and styles go great with one another!!

  3. Oh what fun! I'm sure you'll get a lot of comments on it.

  4. great treasury, I love the combinations of colours you have chosen
    : )

  5. I so need an etsy! Treasuries look like so much fun. It's lame that the only debit card I can get is Maestro :(

  6. I think these little dolls are so cute..Didn't realize there were so many around Etsy..Thanks for sharing and you did a great job with Treasury...

  7. Thank you for rounding up all the matryoshka items. They are so sweet!

  8. That is certainly the cutest treasury I have ever seen! Well done, love it!

  9. That is a super cute treasury! I love your blog and would be honored if you added my link to your blogroll :)



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