Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings in Progress

My new range of stud earrings seem popular, so I made some more yesterday. I have a whole batch of them to photograph, and they will be added to Tizzalicious.com and my Etsy shop over the new few days.


Does it make me sound like a glue sniffing junkie when I say I kind of like the smell of E6000 glue? It gives me headaches, but the smell doesn't bother me at all. I have always been like that, I like the smell of gas stations too!

Yellow Apple Stud Earrings

The soccer game last night was a lot of fun! We decided to go and watch it in a pub, which was a fantastic idea. It's so much better to watch with a group of people. The atmosphere was great! And Holland beat Italy 3-0! Go Dutchies! I'd better make myself something orange soon, because I felt really out of place there!


  1. I love the smell of gas stations, too!

  2. I like marker smells LOL. Gas stations are okay but I don't like the smell of Zippo lighters.

  3. I use the same glue and um, no, that stuff stinks!!! =P

  4. great pictures of your earrings, I'm not surprised they are popular
    : )

  5. They are super cute! Your photos are wonderful...

  6. E6000 gives me a headache and can't stand the smell. It says it has cancer causing properties so don't sniff it too much! Tho I like the smell of gas stations and markers

  7. They are so cute..What a job you did..

  8. The smell of E6000 makes me kinda sick to my stomach. I have to glue and move whatever I glued so I don't get sick. Markers and gas stations I like the smell of.

  9. Glue sniffin' junkie eh? & industrial strength I see. You're so hard-core ;)

    Sweet stud earrings! I don't follow soccer but glad you had a great night & the Dutchies won!

  10. LOL

    As a kid I used to like to hang my head out the window when my parents filled the gas tank in the car. I can only imagine what harm that has done to my body. What is it about those fumes?

    I can't say I love the E6000 smell but I love that glue and I don't bother to go outside to use it.

    Katrina of R&W Girls


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