Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little More Shopping

Laura Lees Cherry Skirt (Detail)

I went shopping for some groceries yesterday, and honestly managed to come home without groceries, and with lots of other stuff. I really need to get my priorities straight!

Laura Lees Skirt

I love TopShop. I love Laura Lees for TopShop. That's a bit of a problem, because most of it is a little out of my price range usually. So was this skirt, but how could I resist cherries and old school tattoo appliques on one skirt?

Matroyshka Lunchbox

And then there's this Matryoshka suitcase/lunchbox. Because I didn't buy enough of the Matroyshka goodies in that shop last time I went shopping?

Apple & Strawberry Tape

Cute tape is always useful, right? Bring in those orders at my shop, I am ready to send out lots of cute packages!

I bought some more, but I didn't take pictures of those, like three of the pin up drinks I talked about the other day. The boyfriend likes his sugar, so he can drink them, and then I can display them. Yay for multi-purpose drinks!


  1. I love that skirt I wouldn't be able to resist it either.

    You could make something like lights out of the pinup bottles! That would be awseome.

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  3. Cute red tights! I've been trying to find some like that.

    Completely unrelated - would you have any advice for a non-Dutch speaking person trying to find a summer job in Holland?

  4. I LOVE that you are a shopaholic - it makes me feel like I have a partner in crime! haha - but I can never post everything I buy on my blog because my mom reads it and she always harrasses me for shopping so much! hahaha! That skirt is awesome!!! I wish we had Topshop here!

  5. oh great shopping, I love the tape!
    : )

  6. That skirt rocks! and the russian doll suitcase..LOVE!! Where can I find the russian doll stuff?!

  7. Great skirt! How clever to display those pin-up bottles!

  8. I love that Laura Lees skirt. We don't have Top Shop here but I stumbled on one of her dresses on Ebay that I feel in love with. Wonderful tapes too. i have the same blue apple one and stick it n everything. I even taped the frame of my pin board to fancy it up.

  9. I really need that fruity tape now lol!

  10. Fantastic find on that matryoshka suitcase! It's adorable! Those little deco tapes are way cute too. :)


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