Friday, May 30, 2008

Tizzalicious Monthly Mailing List

Yesterday was spent playing with my new supplies! Don't you just love creating with new supplies? I got some ear posts for the first time, and made some adorable studs. Lots of new necklaces too, of course. I can't wait to add them to the shops, but I need to take pictures of all of it first. I'm so not looking forward to that!

I also created a mailing list for the shop. So if you'd like to receive updates about new items, click here for the Tizzalicious Monthly Mailing List. I will send out a mail at the beginning of each month, no more, so don't worry, I won't spam you.

I wish today could be as nice as yesterday (create and nothing else), but I have house work to catch up with. Yay for dishes, groceries and laundry.


  1. *joins*
    Getting a mailing list is a really good idea! Was it hard to get set up?

  2. Great idea!! ;) I've been wanting to start my own! very cool!

  3. Aah I was thinking of creating some post earrings too. I realized I only have danglies. What fun! =}

  4. Nifty you've set up a mailing list. I'm joining. I love receiving cute mail!


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