Friday, May 23, 2008

Time To Celebrate!

I'm an official business lady now! My mom and I visited the Kamer van Koophandel (the Dutch Chamber of Commerce) to register my business this morning! It wasn't all that complicated, and the guy who helped us was super nice and helpful.

I probably won't have to pay taxes for a while, because of a special arrangement for small businesses here in Holland. If the amount of taxes you'd have to pay doesn't exceed €1300 (which would mean selling €8200 worth of products!) you don't have to pay them. No way I will earn/sell that much, so I won't have to worry about that just yet. Perfect.

After the business registration I got a hair cut (just my bangs because they were blocking my view) and I opened a business bank account right away too. So that's all set! I have a lot more to do though. I need to open a new paypal account to add to the business bank account, and then change the code for all items on my website. And I will have to add my business registry number to the site of course!

Thanks everyone who gave me advice concerning this, and for the sweet comments about my glasses too!

It feels SO good to have this done! I felt on top of the world all day! It feels a little unreal. Nothing has changed really, but it's just nice to have an official business. It makes me feel like I'm really, officially doing something with my life again.


  1. Yeay Tizzie!! *Throws confetti* Congratulations! Omedetou! Omedetou!! BTW love those glasses. Mine are like that as well! But it's gold rimmed. Crazy huh?

    Anyways *huggles* Congratulations!! Yeay!

  2. congratulations! my best wishes for the futire of your brand new business
    : )

  3. Girl, a big congratulations is in order! You go girl!
    I remember when i had my small business in NL, all the paperwork and taxfilings turned me crazy! So not to take the fun out of it, but be prepared for that blue envelope of the taxdepartment... make sure you got your 'boekhouding op orde' will make things easier.
    Nevertheless, good for you for making the jump and going legit!

  4. Yay, congratulations! That must be a big relief =)

  5. Oh, congratulations - that is VERY exciting!

  6. Congrats on being a business woman now! It is fantastic running a business doing what you love!


  7. wOOt! Congratulations! Enjoy making your accounts lol. I plan to register my businesses in timetoo. Again, congrats on the fab work =)


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