Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today has been a busy one. I have contacted a lot of websites for link exchange with Tizzalicious.com, to boost my google page rank a little. If you have a website, and you'd like to exchange links, please let me know!

Last night I added a lot of new items to Tizzalicious.com and my Etsy shop. I have a few more to do, but I should be caught up soon. One of my new items is this long necklace:

Blue Cuckoo

I have also added more monster magnets and a new apple brooch! Oh, and some destash!

Starry Destash

Note From The Boyfriend

My boyfriend left me this note in the middle of my note book! Maybe I should take his advice and actually take a break every now and then?


  1. Heehee! What a cute note! I think that is great advice! (Says the girl who naps a bit too much!)

    Your necklaces look lovely! :)

  2. Hi there :) I love this place, you create some really cute stuff :)
    My blog isn't a very popular one, but I'll link to your site if that can help :)

  3. Oh those hot pink stars are so lovely!

  4. You have an absolutely darling blog!


  5. yes, take a break! Don't know if it counts or not, but i have your blog link on my page

  6. Really nice stuff.. Necklace is lovely..

  7. LOL your boyfriend is cute for doing that. Maybe you should follow his advice!

  8. Oh sweetie! You should follow your boyfriend's advice, holy wow, you've been so busy :)

    By the way, how can I exchange links with you?

  9. So nice you're getting caught up and that your boyfriend looks out for you!

    Great new stuff!

    Would love to exchange links interested!


  10. I'd love to link exchange as well.

  11. Good advice! I hope you took a litle break. You probably didn't though!


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