Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Inspired by the way I've been feeling the last few days, here are some migraine/headache related Etsy finds!

Not Lolly Girl "Pills" by Dance Sippy Dance

The Migraine Kid by The Shadow Cat

Lavender Eye Pillow by Impromptu Designs

Headache Earrings by The Lola Collection

Minor Headache by Noosed Kitty

Splitting Headache T-Shirt by Limescreen

Headache Print by Rob Sheridan

I hope I'll have some cuteness to show you again next time. I have been in the mood to create, but with this splitting headache nothing comes out. Whenever I start something I decide I don't feel good enough for it, and I crash on my bed again.


  1. I'm so sorry if you're feeling crummy but this is a good selection. I just LOVE the minor headache print!

  2. I hope you get well soon (and I hope you won't get allergies like I did LOL). *Huggles glomps* Get well soon Tizzieeeeeeee!!

  3. Awww are you ok?? Getting a little nap sounds like a good idea ={

  4. I hope your headache goes away :(
    Napping is a great idea. I usually eat a cupcake which seems to make me feel better. I think your blog is so adorable and I love the "Minor Headache" you featured!

  5. oh dear, I get migraines too, I hope yours goes away soon. Love these migraine finds though!
    : )

  6. interesting selections! i hate migraines...

  7. as much as I don't care for migraines I'm loving the "migraine kid"

  8. I LOVE the 'migraine kid!!'
    Do feel better soon. =(

  9. I hope you are feeling lots better, Tizz! Hugs to you...

  10. Great findings. They kind of match my today's headache. Sigh. We all hate migaraines, don't we? I think there's only one ache worse than headache... It's toothache. But we don't get toothaches as often luckily. Sigh agian...


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