Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cute Package

Skull Stationery

Oh how I love mail! Especially when I get cute packages with things like this Skull Stationery set! It was a present from my penpal Natasha from Portland.

She also sent a few craft supplies, and "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" by Christiane Northrup and "Fugitives and Refugees" by Chuck Palahniuk. As I might have mentioned before, my boyfriend Per is half American, and grew up in Eugene, Oregon. He loves anything Oregonean, so needless to say Chuck Palahniuk is one of his (and mine!) favourite authors. He didn't read this book yet, because it's hard to get in Europe though (probably because it's about Portland) and he is really happy with!

Thank you Natasha!

I have had a good mail week in general. I got 4 packages with supplies! My hands are itching to get started with them, so expect lots of new goodies in the shop soon!


  1. Oh Tizzie that is just too cute!! Love the colors!! You're so lucky!!

  2. Super-cute!

    We are thinking of moving to Eugene. Ask Per what it's like for me? :)

  3. Hooray for cute packages in the mail!!

  4. i just got done reading 'fugitives and refugees'! it's verrrry interesting. enjoy!

    i get to see chuck next thursday and i am SO excited! :D

  5. those skulls are so cute! i love them!

  6. How cute!

    I want to swap letterboxes with you! Mine is usually filled with boring bills. Ugh!


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