Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: Maluhia

This weeks cute craftster of the week is Maluhia. Her shop is filled with Japanese cuteness: Wallets and bags made out of Kawaii fabric, but also just fabric, for you seamstresses out there.

Some of my favourites:

Owl wallet, because everyone loves owls!

This is even better! It's one of Maluhia's Classyfied Secret Keepers, to keep all your girly things organized in your bag. God knows I need one, my bag is so messy I can never find anything in there!

Some more cuteness. A little pouch, perfect for holding your cell phone or other small items.

So, if you need to get your handbag organized a little, go check out Maluhia!


  1. I simply love the fabric of that last little pouch. Great picks.

  2. The secret keepers are brilliant! I love the idea. What cute fabrics, too.

  3. very nice selections! i'd love all of them

  4. I love all those. Especially that owl wallet!

  5. thank you! great way to start my weekend!

  6. OH really cute stuff, thanks for sharing it with us, I'm off to etsy : )


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