Friday, April 11, 2008

Treasury: V is for Vespa

I haven't had any luck getting a real treasury lately, as it drops down to 222 whenever I'm asleep it seems. So I made this V is for Vespa Treasury West yesterday.

V is For Vespa Treasury (by Tizzalicioustream)

This treasury includes the following products & artists:

Motor Scooter Pendant by Madison Craft Studio
Blue Cycle by Ann Wilkinson'
Ciao Bella Mod Vespa Card by Pepperina Press
Vespa Target Pink Blue Linocut by Arctic Cobalt
Onesie Handpainted Scooter by Baganus
Scooter Recycled Glass Soap Dispenser by Bread And Badger
Lime Vespa Print by Annechovie
Emma and Siggie by Vol25
Pink Vespa Matchbook Cover Art by Colorfly Studio
Black Fleece Scarf With Scooter Applique by Polly Scoots
Vespa Vinyl Toilet Graphic by Vital
Vera Vespa by Keary Beary


I also found my Mushroom Love Pendant featured in this super cute "Sweet Shrooms" treasury this morning!

Cute Mushroom Treasury (by Tizzalicioustream)

That's it for today's treasury love! I hope I can get a real one again soon, because I have a whole bunch of great things in my favorites that are itching to be in a treasury!


  1. oh i love all of your treasuries!! you pick such great items!!

  2. Congrats on the mushroom treasury and I love the Vespa treasury west you put together.

    I would own one, if only I lived in (or near) a city.

  3. Great job on the Vespa treasury - what a cute idea!

    And a lovely mushroom treasury to be a part of - congratulations!

  4. congrats on getting in the mushroom treasury! everything in that one is suuuuper cute :). and your vespa one looks great! hopefully a spot will open up for you soon.

  5. Lizz, thanks for posting on my blog. I looooooove your treasures!!! too cute!! I love it!!

  6. Great treasuries and I love that you promoted them, in this fashion, on your blog. They always seem to go below 333 when I'm at work.

  7. both treauries look great, and I love your cookie magnets! yum!
    : )

  8. I love Vespa's - what a great idea for a treasury. :]

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