Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Time

156/365 Ice Cream (by Tizzalicioustream)

It finally feels like spring here! This means my favourite ice cream place opened again. They have fat and suger free icecream! It's delicious too. Hmmm. I am one of those persons who is always cold, but I am also always in the mood for ice cream. Something is wrong with me.

I woke up to 2 sales this morning! I sold my Blythe pendant, which I'll definitely be making more of. And both my lots of destash! I guess it's true what they say: Supplies really do sell well! If I didn't like the feeling of someone buying something I created myself so much, I'd start a supply shop!

Green and Red Apple Magnets (by Tizzalicioustream)

I have some more new magnets too. The one strawberry ones I showed yesterday in red, and more apples! I love all my apple goodies, and apparently, so does everything else, because the green apple hair clips sell like hot cakes.


  1. fat and sugar free icebream sounds like a dream come true! I love your little appleas and strawberries
    : )

  2. I love ice cream (cookie dough ice cream, or mint oreo blizzards from Dairy Queen). Don't really have an ice cream place here :(

    Not really spring here either. We got snow this morning. Very strange getting snow in April lol

    Congrats on the sales!

  3. There is nothing wrong with you! I've been eating lots of icecream although it's so cold at night!

  4. i'm like that too! LOL. i always have something to say about the cold in winter and then we pass an ice-cream shop i'll go yum~

  5. I am really loving the new magnets! Too cute for words.

    And that photo of ice cream is making my tummy rumble. mmmm...yum.

  6. These are so cute!

    I'm so glad I found your bright and cheery blog :)

  7. I love ice cream too! Even when it is freezing cold out. :) Love the new magnets! If I wasn't so broke I'd buy some right away (I need some time to pay off past purchases! heeeheee)

  8. yum - that icecream is drooool worthy!!

    your magnets are gorgeous by the way!

  9. Hey there,
    You have been tagged by me.
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  10. SO cute!

    You know, here in freezing cold Minnesota, people eat ice cream like crazy. It's not so strange.

  11.'s because your stuff is wonderful!

  12. That ice cream looks awesome! So so so yummy. Absolutely the harbinger of spring in my book.

    And those little apples are so cute! :)

  13. cream! My one big downfall is going to Cold Stone Creamery, I have to order the small because it's sooo rich!

    LOVE the magnets too! The scalloped edges are too perfect! Great job!

  14. Love the Apples, sounds like you haven't been eating yours though. hope the cold goes away soon.

    With all the fruity goodness, have you though about making little sets of interchangeable necklace charms? Something you could have as a theme set and then get new fruits to add,as the whim takes hold.


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