Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sew Messy At Casa Tizzalicious

Sew Messy

Yikes, this is what happens to Casa Tizzalicious when sewing Blythe dresses: Fabric everywhere, patterns scattered on the floot, and June wearing nothing but tights in the middle of it!

I spent almost all of yesterday sewing dresses, and made some really cute ones. I still need to attach the snaps though. Strange how I love making plushies, but I have a passionate hate for handsewing anything else.

Birdhouse Cuteness

I went shopping today and came across this super cute birdhouse! I love that it has another tiiiiiiny little birdhouse on it! Cute cute cute!

I didn't buy it though :( But I want it!

So what did I buy? Some yarn, boring groceries, and a very cute top at H&M. I actually bought the same one in pink the other day. It fits perfectly, so when I saw it in blue, I just had to get one too. If the shirt fits, buy one in every color. Right?

Here's a quick snap shot I took in the dressing room. Excuse the weird concentrated face!

Another New Top

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous too. Oh how I love it.


  1. I love that top on you! It makes me want to go shopping. :)

  2. VERY cute top! Did you buy me one too?? Hehehhee!

    The Micawber

  3. that top does look really nice on you :) When a shirt fits me right, I always buy a few different coloured ones, hard to find tops that sit right on me.

  4. Ah! That shirt looks incredible! I love the gingham look with the princess sleeves!

  5. darling shirt!
    and i'm loving your etsy shop too!

  6. I agree that when shirt fits nicely to buy as many as yo can.
    And you know how I feel about gingham!!!!!!

  7. I love gingham! You look great! Can't wait to see what Blythe outfits you make!


  8. please do post the Blythe outfits when you are done. is that robert kaufman fabric i'm noticing on the cutting table...?? one of my favorites:) great blog.

  9. how far are you from 50? there's still a week! plenty of time :)

  10. Cute top and very, very cute birdhouse!!! I love it!!

  11. very nice top, good idea to get all the colours! Those teeny tiny patterns are great too
    : )

  12. :o your blythe is a hussy! ;p

    LOVE that top, and the birdhouse is so precious! you should have bought it, heehee.

  13. The dresses and plushie are so nice! Funny you made them right after saying you don't like making dresses =P My sewing machine is acting up terribly as well, but actually I make all my Blythe clothes by hand, since I've never trusted our machine, plus it's relaxing for me.

  14. You do a fantastic job with the Blythe outfits. I am trying to tackle some Barbie ones for daughter no.1 but they are so fiddly!
    I don't know how you left that birdhouse behind, I don't think I could have resisted.
    Also, very cute top, it really accentuates your gorgeous little waist.

  15. I wish I can get myself together to sew for Blythe! I really want to do that. I like the fabric you have around Blythes, I think the dresses will be very pretty!
    Can't wait to see them!



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