Tuesday, April 29, 2008

S(cr)ew Ups

Iiiie, it clearly is one of those days. I spent all day sewing, and I almost all of it ended up in the trash. How annoying. I attempted to make a softie, 3 pairs of hair clips and 3 Blythe dresses, but the only thing that turned out was 1 of the Blythe dresses.

Things that went wrong:

- Fabric got stuck in my sewing machine.
- I screwed up the stitching on the softie right at the end and I can't get it right anymore
- Fray Check. I wish I knew applying it by squeezing the bottle is a bad idea. It went everywhere. Gross. And R.I.P. cute fabric.
- I ran out of red thread.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Now for a random picture:

Headache Hair Salon

I see this every time I'm in the city, but I never feel like getting off my bike to take a picture. Yesterday I walked by there though, so I finally got to snap one. Maybe I should go get my hair cut there some time.


  1. Oh dear - fingers crossed for nicer fabric fun tomorrow :)

  2. hope things will be better tomorrow!!

    thats a funky hair salon btw :)

  3. aww, that happens to me all the time. Glad I*m not the only 1. It does suck..grrr.. The dress turned out to be so cute though! I don*t have a sewing machine yet, so i do everything by hand. Trying to get the stitching perfect is a pain, but its fun.

    Have a better day tomorrow!

  4. Ouch. I had those days too. Sometimes you need to just chill and not craft for a while. I call them "blocks" and you know it's really weird because the more you try, the more things seems to f0ck up.

    Hopefully you'll do better tomorrow!

  5. I love the design of that sign. It sounds like you had one of those days when not much goes right, I hope today will be back to normal for you
    : )

  6. What an amusing name to call a hairdressers!

    I always like reading shop names, my favourite hairdressers name is 'HeadMasters', I thought it was quite clever.

  7. What a day! I hope your luck improves!! I love the random picture!! So fun! Give it a try and post a picture of the new do!

  8. Oh, man! On days like that I think that my sewing machine is really a torture device sent to punish me.
    On good days I say, "Look I finished xyz... and I didn't even swear that much!" :D


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