Sunday, April 27, 2008

New This Week

I didn't add a lot of jewelry or accessories to the shop this week, but I do have a few things to show you.

New This Week
1. Sweet Skull, 2. From Marilyn With Love, 3. Girl Skull, 4. Blythe Dresses

You can find the necklaces at and Etsy. The Blythe dresses are only available on Etsy.

I still need advice about a second shop. Please vote in my poll! You can find it in the left side bar. Thanks everyone who answered so far!


  1. hello!! it's been a while since my last visit...miss blogging a lot! there are so many new cute accessories and things favorite is the Mama Matryoshka...she is so wonderful!

    have a nice week!

  2. Oh Tizzie those are amazing!! And the dresses are kawaii!

    Hmmm I know what you mean about the shop thing. I'm an organizing freak as well and i know how you feel. If you open an exclusive Blythe clothing store then it'd be more compartmentalized. Aren't there sets on Etsy (like Flickr)?

    I guess the bad side that I can see is that you'd feel the need to update both the shops and then you'll get tired from doing both. Also the shipping procedures would be kinda confusing if a buyer buys from both stores.

    If you're sewing just for a side hobby I think you should stick to one shop. If you're going to do both at the same time I guess then it is better for two different shops. You already have a fan base so it's easier to promote your new shop.

    Whichever you choose I hope you'll be happy with it and not "rushed into". Good luck!

  3. I love your new things and I've just voted in your poll, good luck with deciding!
    : )

  4. Hey Tizz,
    I'm having trouble trying to comment on your new blog - the word verification thingy isn't coming up...but I wanted to ask you how you sanded your doll's face. I'd love to give my doll a more matte look. If you have tips, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

  5. Hi Tizz,
    Lovely shop - I hearted you!
    I would stick with one store, for now at least. Marketing/promoing is a hassle, not to mention expensive! I bet you'll have a great response to your Blythe items on Etsy, and that is great for bringing in (even more) business for your jewelry. It is too bad that you can't organize your items on the main page of your store, but the sections work well for that. I DID think that your necklaces were Blythe-sized at first though, not sure if that's just me, hahaha.
    Good luck!


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