Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Creations

My Latest Creations (by Tizzalicious)
1. Two Hearts One Love Brooch, 2. Hearts & Clubs (Card Suit Earrings), 3. Mushroom Love (Red), 4. Lovely Lolita Earrings

Tadaaaaa! Here are some of my latest creations. I made lots more (all to be found on, but these are the only four on Etsy so far. I am trying to be patient and spread it all out a bit. I'm not good at patience!

Sales are slow this month so far. I did a lot better last month. I might not even make my 50 sales goal! I am getting lots and lots of hearts though, so maybe those will turn into sales eventually?

Thanks everyone for the get well soon wishes! And all the advice! Hopefully I'll be worth more tomorrow!


  1. Etsy is so unpredictable. I hope things pick up for me soon too. Good luck to us both.

    I love the Lolita earrings, very cute!! It's all cute :)

  2. i'm not good with the patience, either! ^.^

    get well fast! :)

  3. oh the earrings are love! i love pink/black combo!

  4. The hearts and clubs earrings are so cute!

  5. Love the new work! I am eying off the Bullet through my heart pendant as we speak. Well done on getting it all up.
    I am slowly working my way through new stock for my store - but the shambolic state of my studio is putting a kink in things. Time to get organised.
    BTW - your photos are FANTASTIC!

  6. is it just me or does "two hearts one love" sound eerily similiar to a certain internet site that nobody should ever have to look at? *cough*

    Sales are way slow for me too, girl :(

  7. Oh god, you're right. I'm so glad I never got to see that site :P


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