Saturday, April 12, 2008


Banana Orange Juice (by Tizzalicious)

I'm still ill! In fact, it only got worse! It's a nice excuse to drink smoothies like this yummie banana orange one aaaaall day though! And eat fruit, lots and lots of fruit. I always eat a lot of fruit (it's all I snack on!), but the last few days I've truely acted like a fruitaholic.

I have also decided that next time I have a bad cold, I will invest in more expensive tissues. The cheap ones are just no good when you're constantly rubbing your nose. My nose is so red and shiny, Rudolph has nothing on me.

I created some new pieces too, no magnets this time! I'm back to good ol' necklaces and earrings. I will add them to the shop as soon as I finished editing the pictures. Here's a sneak peek!

New Pendants (by Tizzalicious)


  1. drink looks yummy, all you need is an umbrella to put in it!

    ..what I like to do when I'm ill and need to blow my nose a lot, and if I'm not going out, is to smear my nose in vaseline so the tissues don't aggravate my skin!! It's worth it if you don't want your nose to look like it's falling off.

  2. what great necklaces, of course I'm partial to the mushroom


  3. cute bird house! i love the big red hearts :-)

  4. aloe vera tissues!!!!! the pain of scratchy tissues is just too much!

  5. here's a trick! if u have a cold or flu, get some thyme and soak them in a huge bowl of boiling water. then u sit there, cover your head (and the bowl) with a towel and inhale! do it a few times. if you don't have thyme, add a dollop of vicks (in you don't have mentholatum crystals) with the hot water. it works wonders for me!

    oh yes and orange juice works too! hehe~

  6. Add some fresh ginger to your smoothies (natural antibacterial)!

    Feel better soon!

  7. Sorry you're not feeling well, but that smoothie does look yummy. Get the 3 ply tissues with lotion...helps a lot. You don't need a sore nose on top of everything else.

  8. Ugh! Still not feeling good? Yuck. I swear by the aloe tissues. I won't by anything else for the house now. Our noses deserve the best!

  9. yep - I agree - aloe vera tissues rock - my nose still gets a bit red but nowhere near as painful as normal tissues. Worth every penny.


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